Support for non-windows OS

I’m only interested in testing this game on linux. Is linux support planned? As a side note, you should list the supported test OS platforms on the beta signup page/FAQ as steam supports linux, osx, and windows.

I got it installed. But without knowing exactly what installs it needs for me to add them to the installation, i’m at a roadblock. Haven’t tried debugging yet to see what exactly the game is calling. But it basically pops up the first time running box, and immediately fails. I did go through the game files and install the dx9 and vs files i found.

My gaming computer also runs Linux. I agree it would be helpful to see the OS supported in the technical requirements. I don’t think my Windows laptop is powerful enough to run this, but will try. Disappointed.

We’re not testing cross platform play as much as we are testing the game as it is currently…might as well ask for it to be ported to console so you can play from the couch.

Thanks for the replies.

Regarding wine: While I occasionally use it for games I’ve owned since before switching to linux, as a linux-only user I don’t want to buy or play (or in this case provide testing for) newer windows-only games as that is another vote/dollar for a platform I don’t actually use.

Gearbox has supported linux in the past. I only applied to the beta in hopes that I could help test the linux client if they were choosing to support that platform this time around.

That’s one of my issues. I have several programs that ONLY work on windows. WINE doesn’t help at all if something is built in VS, for instance.