Support Frigates

At the moment the support frigate doesn’t seem to be very capable, compared to the vehicle it was in HW1 it is a pale shadow and I personally have tended to use repair corvettes for augmenting regen rates. In the original game the repair at range ability allowed the ship to stay behind the fleet while repairing as well as letting it rapidly switch from one repair target to another.

I was thinking it would be a decent and relatively true to the original change if the support frigates repair ability was changed from an active one to a passive area of effect style one, similar to the fire control towers for HW2 ships. Over a reasonable range it would boost a ships regen rate by a certain amount and could stack up to 3 times. The repair rate would obviously have to be lower but it would also help differentiate it from the repair corvette and make it more than just its big brother.

It would also be pretty interesting if they were given an active ability that prevents the launch of docked strike craft. That would let it act as a hyperspace carrier which would be able to deploy ships much faster than a conventional carrier.

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It would be nice if that happened.

Another option is get a big increase on support frigs speed and maneuverability, a big one, so they will start the repair before the ship die…

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Yeah, it was really disgusting that in place of this functionality, we got a support frigate that is almost entirely useless except out of battle. The latching mechanic desperately needs to be done away with as it is too tedious, clunky and time-consuming and it also puts the ship closer to harm’s way while making it almost impossible for them to retreat if they are prioritized - these frigates are lucky to ever repair more than one ship in their lifetime especially since frigates are paper thin in HW2’s balancing.

Any suggestions to make support frigates fulfill their role properly should focus on ideas that do not rely on the latching mechanic for the reasons stated above.

This would be a good temporary solution but definitely not a permanent fix as they still wouldn’t be able to target switch quickly enough and you still have a unit that’s more vulnerable than the HW1 counterpart that could sit behind the ship it was repairing.

Another point worth mentioning is that HW1 support frigates could use their heal beams on corvettes.

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I know, and I completely agree.

Well as I’ve noted elsewhere, TTKs in HW2, which HW1 races in HWRM are based on, are generally 3-5 times quicker. Things dying fast makes healing less effective and more difficult to do at all.

Things often die in a single volley from multiple ships, which means there is no time at all to repair them.

At to that, I believe support/repair were nerfed as well to be in line with the worthless repair resource collectors.
And they’re even less useful since they don’t refuel.

There’s certainly mechanics changes they need, like others pointed out, but even with those changes/fixes, they’d still be pretty bad as they heal so little and things die sooo fast.