Support Maya Build

I would just like to know if this build I came up with would work well in co-op with Zer0 and Krieg or even solo-play. Any other recommendations such as equipment and weapons are appreciated.

So I looked around the forums a bit and turns out everyone uses just about the same thing as this with a few tweaks here and there. So what about gear? Should all my weapons be elemental?

Depends on what you want to do, and what relic choices you go with. I’d suggest going back and taking a close look at the Nurse Maya build as an example. I tend to go pretty much all elemental with Maya, because whythehecknotsheisasirenafterall! That said, you can use anything that works for you. I have a Tresspasser on my Maya, for example, so I can knock Pyro Pete’s hat off relatively easily (makes the rest of the fight go faster).

I was thinking of using Bone of the Ancients, Legendary Siren and The Bee. And as for weapons I am unsure since the only “top tier guns” I’ve ever had we’re the conference call and the Sandhawk. Didn’t really like the sandhawk & I didn’t get to keep the CC because I didn’t leave the game properly.

If I had to go off videos I’d say I like how the Bitch, The Interfacer, The Kitten, and the Butcher all look.

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I use a shock Sandhawk for Pyro Pete’s shield, because otherwise it simply takes way too long. Sorry to hear you lost your CC - you can try farming the Handsome Sorcerer for one, as he’s easier to get to than the Warrior. A few of the other weapons I have on my Maya are: Kitten, Storm, Butcher, Bekah.

(Ha! I see that sneaky edit just as I’m tying this up!)

The other thing I’d do is have a look through @Derch’s Maya build videos: you’ll get way more than just simple recommendations for “this gun” that way.

Edit - this one:

Yeah I just recently started watching @Derch and I have to say it’s been helping a lot. And despite my love for Borderlands as a series the furthest I’ve gotten wasn’t even with Maya (my favorite character now that I play her).
I got to around 53 with Axton (couldn’t stand the lack of DPS I had with him. This was before I knew about all the planning you can do in this game)
And then to around 47 with Gaige. The only reason I did good with her was because of the Buck Up glitch.
That being said, seeing videos and actually having the gun you’re researching are two completely different things so I’ll try to get those guns ASAP.

With a build like that and the legendary siren it’s kinda a kitchen sink build so you can use about anything.

That’s what I love about Maya she can use so many things.

I would use either a slag grenade or gun for in-between phaselock.

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So the Magic missile would work then? I tend to not switch weapons all that often. It’s just a habit. So removing the Grog and freeing up a space for another gun would be nice. Thank you.

MM would definitely work, if you don’t mind the pathing and potential to lock onto something else. Lot’s of other choices though, depending on what you’re comfortable with eg a nice purple slag longbow singularity or something. I’ve been trying to use a slag Nasty Surprise - actually works well if you get the hang of aiming it, because of the pattern that the child grenades launch in when the thing goes off.

I’ll definitely consider it. Thanks so much for all the help. So it looks like I’ll be getting Legendary Siren, Bone of the Ancients, Magic Missile/Slag LB Singularity, The Bee, Kitten, Interfacer, Bitch, and a Maggie or Pimpernel.

But what elements should they each have? So many questions…

Magic Missile! My fave with Maya (and just about everyone). You just have to throw it in anticipation or there’s a high chance to paint yourself.
Does anyone use any other build? Mine is almost the same except I play solo so some of the Harmony points go elsewhere.
People who use Scorn swear by it - I like MM’s better.
Remember your COM’s : all the Legendary’s (Siren, Binder, Cat) - the Cat COM will push you to get Hellfire, Tattler (not my favorite), Moxxi SMG’s, Bitch (I always use non-elemental for that one), Sandhawk…
A lot of folks get a corrosive BoA and just leave it on (for Cloud Kill) regardless of the gun’s element. Constant swapping is pretty annoying.

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You don’t really need to be that specific with the elements of your guns. IMO, as long as you’ve got one fire, one corrosive and one shock whicha re all decent, then you’re good to go. That being said, I definitely recommend getting the Pimpernel in all four elements (you can use the claptrap stash trick to farm four without resetting UVHM, PC only). The Bitch is such a bitch to farm (no pun intended) and I never had a Bitch drop from Bunker so I say you just use whatever version you get, since it’s so rare.

Okay. Yea I just tend to over think a lot of things when I’m building a character. I probably won’t even have to worry about half of these details when playing with Krieg and Zer0.

True-ish - you’ll have plenty of other things to think about though! Fortunately, we have the forums.

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Maya is so strong for mobbing that you don’t have to run a dedicated support build unless you are raid bossing. Your “support” is really just 1 point in res and maybe a point or two in Restoration if you are playing with a melee Krieg or melee Zero, otherwise there’s no need to change spec for co-op mobbing, as you are already likely taking Sweet Release and Elated. If you want a better co-op mod, IMHO (for mobbing), the Leg Binder is stronger than the Leg Nurse although you could argue that cool down bonus is useless for Krieg and most Sal builds. The Leg Siren is the kitchen sink mod as Derch calls it and allows you to do tons of damage to help any team plus supporting with the skills mentioned above. There are other Maya builds like Thoughtlock and Trickster builds, but most late game Maya players run either a variant of Derch’s Twisted Pimp build or a Binder / Subsequence build. All are viable though in solo or co-op if played to their strengths. Edit: forgot to mention that your build looks solid but that you might to consider forgoing Accelerate, Inertia, and a point in SR to get to Life Tap and maybe Scorn

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Would this be better suited for a more all around build? Since I either play solo or with a Krieg and Zero. Thanks for the input!

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That looks like a great build that would mesh well with your Leg Siren mod and your teammates. Essentially you are running a slightly more melee friendly co-op version of Derch’s Twisted Pimp build. I might go 5/5 Ward with 3/5 Inertia and 5/5 Sustenance with 3/5 Life Tap. Below OP levels I’m not that sure though and similarly you may want more than a point in Restoration, but that will just be experimentation and tweaking (At OP levels damage scales but health doesn’t so you are getting a big health return on any OP level weapons). Your build is great as I said and will work with a wide variety of weaponry so you don’t have to grind and farm for the “best” gear and parts.

Okay perfect. I’ll do some tweaking on this when I get home in that case.
Yea the whole idea of parts always seemed ridiclous to me. With my luck I’m just happy to get a legendary or a good piece of gear at all. Thanks again for the advice.

Parts are ridiculous, but unfortunately they make a difference at the higher OP levels for a few of the top tier weapons in the game (Hyperion shotguns, Bekah, Pimpernel, for example). If you aren’t at OP8 though it’s not worth bothering over though. The few minor points I suggested moving are worth testing out on your own, it’s splitting hairs in some ways and the core of your build and mod combo is solid and will combine well with your co-op partners. Maya is one of the few (or the only one) who combines really well with Krieg, setting him up for rather than stealing his kills so he can get his kill skills and stacks going and really let loose.

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Maya and Krieg were made for each other. As you said, she’s the perfect setup for his kills and can keep him healthy while he’s rampaging and trying to get more kills. Gaige is probably the worst because between Deathtrap stealing kills and Gaige having to have them for BSS, the two of them are constantly fighting over kills. The other VHs don’t really contribute anything to Krieg’s playstyle either, but aren’t usually detrimental to it.

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