Support needed for founders pack on XB1

(Chris 2121) #1

Hey guys and gals. So I’ve recently purchased battleborn (physically)from my local game shop, and having found out about the founders pack , I however have not received mine .

I’ve only recently installed the game and started playing , but I think I may have physically purchased the game before June 6th, so is there anyway I can still receive a founders pack or can e-mail support? I’ve ranked up to lvl3 but I don’t have any founders pack to open :-S.


(How much time do we have?) #2

You can file a support ticket here:

IIRC though, the Founder’s bonus requires you to have played the game before June 6th.

(Alansandbucketga) #3

you cant get it. you have to actually have played the game before june 6th to get the founders stuff.