Support previous parts

Would you like the previous parts 2, Pre-Sequel, also began to receive updates, corrections and other improvements? And for tales from the borderlands came out high-resolution textures and fixes? I want Gearbox to take care of all the previous parts of the series.

They did update BL1, BL2 and TPS along with BL3 announcement. However that created bunch of new glitches and problems to fix.


I doubt we’ll be getting any more upgrades or improvements than what we’ve already received. That doesn’t mean the new bugs introduced won’t be fixed, but that there won’t be any new content. As for Tales, TellTale was shut down, so it’s probably not going to be getting any upgrades any time soon.

You know, the fact that TellTale forgot to modulate Zer0’s voice in episode 5 then said they didn’t have any time to fix it was probably one of our first clues that things weren’t going great over there. Such a shame, I loved TellTale.