Support should get experience for healing

(Jedc750) #1

As it is, everyone gets exp for getting kills or building things etc. whereas everyone can equally build, support can’t nearly the amount of kills as an equally skilled dps can. this naturally is by design, but it leaves the healers getting less exp than they should because they get none from doing their primary objective. yes, you can ping the minions some and once the dps kill them you will get exp and that may work sometimes. most of the time however, you you’re having to switch between healing you’re damaged teammates, and applying CC to the other team to protect your own. doing any of this though gets you a grand total of 0 exp right now which in my opinion, puts support at a disadvantage.


(beta382) #2

Healing, CC, and any damage you deal earns you an assist. If you are actively supporting, you will be getting tons of assists, which are worth half a kill in terms of XP.


(Jokerking9211) #3

You do get exp if you heal someone as they are killing things though, so you do get exp for healing.


(Jedc750) #4

yes, you earn less exp. compare to someone like ernest who can clear a mob in a clip of his grenade launcher, while you get next to nothing for healing him. Alani’s riptide or basic attack or Ambra’s solar wind won’t even take out 1 minion unless specced more offensively. you’re essentially agreeing that support get less exp and this is solely because they cannot perform the same as a dps by design.


(Jokerking9211) #5

Everyone gets the same exp from assisting though, so they are not getting less exp. Also I find that I have been able to outlevel most players on any team with any character be it support or attacker or defender. And how do I do it? I dont waste time shooting at opponents when they are near their base or sentry or if there are minions or buildables to buy. So many people are so worried about trying to kill the opponents when it is very unlikely that they will actually get the kill and waste too much time doing so. If your opponent runs away and you aren’t sure you will be able to kill them don’t chase it only wastes time.


(beta382) #6

I have no problem leveling up as a support character. I’m breaking even if I get an assist for half of the kills that aren’t mine (and pulling ahead if I get any kills myself), and tagging minions is no problem. And for your examples of Alani and Ambra, you’re doing something wrong if you don’t have a high minion count. Especially with Alani, you should be getting top minions or at least close to it.


(Pajama Dad) #7

I would somewhat agree. If I’m miko ad I heal a player in-between bouts of cartoony violence, but not actively during said violence am I going to level as quickly as the player being healed? I dunno. I don’t seem to struggle leveling, but I understand the argument that healing should give an amount of xp just for healing.

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(Ambra's Arbiter) #8

Ah, I had a topic about this. I agree with you, but it appears to be a rather abstract concept. Additionally, there are concerns about a tank and healer just getting pummeled for exp, which would cause more problems. I believe that Boldur and Alani are examples of strong design, one is rewarded for tanking by getting health, one is rewarded for attacking with healing. Those two have an interesting cycle that rewards their non damaging endeavors, but other healers are forced to level poorly
This would be it:


(Pajama Dad) #9

I feel like its a matter of play style then. Each character is meant to be played differently. If Miko isn’t leveling up fast enough a change in play style might be necessary before we talk about changing the leveling systems.


(Jedc750) #10

You can easily prove that supports get shafted with exp. I’ve even gone into private matches to do so. Kill someone? around 180 exp. healing the person killing them, around 50-60 exp. killing a minion? around 30-40 exp (tested on the little ones). healing the person who is killing them? I got around 8-11 exp. I tested this last time with miko to simplify testing. have the heal beam on an injured character while they kill things, and compare it against killing things myself. the results are you get about 1/3 the exp someone doing the killing gets when the whole point of the character is support, not dps. keep in mind I am not saying healers can’t get a kill, but between an equally skilled healer and dps and no extenuating circumstances (like choosing to go chain kill the thralls and purchase the elite bots for example), the dps will get more kills and damage every time, and that is just natural. The end result being, is by playing a healer, you naturally get less experience.

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(Pajama Dad) #11

it would depend on how easy it is to get assists. With 4 other team mates you have the potential for a lot of assists.


(Bori ) #12

Pajama_dad has a point.

The thing about healers not getting enough XP, is true, as Miko as my heal main, I agree. But I am more concerned about shards then leveling. I often have to find myself leaving my team without Heals to farm a few shards and get my legendaries, and a lot of the time, the teams can’t handle their own and start getting wrecked. As a healer, it’s a bad idea to rush in for minion shards. But leveling, it is slower indeed, but if all four of my teammates are murdering minions, and players, and the experience for assisting were buffed? I would be ten very early in the game.

On the other side of things, buffing the assist experience would not only the healers will benefit from it but everyone else as well. And in my honest opinion, waiting til the last 5minutes of the game to finally reach lv10 is a bummer. So buff assist XP!!



Some good points here. My only concern with getting experience from healing is you can cheese it. Especially with miko’s healing beam. Idk, it just sounds unbalanced.

I want to add that, as a support, you should also invest in keeping buildables up. I always use a 0 or low cost shard generator when I play support. I see where you are coming from, but I truly don’t think supports are at as big a disadvantage when leveling as you let on here. I play supports often and the only person I semi-struggle with keeping in levels with is Reyna because I am just poop with her. I can still get kills/assists easily with Miko and when I play Alani I get almost all the xp from every minion wave (and a decent number of kills but I run attack speed Alani). Ambra… yeah we don’t even need to get into that beast of a character. That being said, I’m not totally against the idea of supports getting xp for supporting. But it has to be done right. Like you would only be able to get xp from healing/shielding people under certain circumstances

Man that was long-winded :stuck_out_tongue:


(The Red Bar Observer) #14

I don’t see the need for this, myself. There’s assists, plus the fact that you don’t have to kill minions personally to get xp. I’ve never seen our supports get routinely out-levelled (and Ambra is usually a good level ahead of everyone, being Ambra and all)

Just make sure you toss kunai/fire a few pistol shots at the minion wave before it dies, and try your best to get credited in every kill for mass assists (super easy for Ambra and Alani, slightly more work for Miko and Kleese, a bit harder then the rest for Reyna.)


(unmaking the universe with math) #15

You know you only have to tag someone before they die to get an assist? You don’t even need to throw out a single point of damage/healing


(The Red Bar Observer) #16

For sure. It’s so easy as Alani - splash them with a no-stacks heal, and that’s you credited for the assist if they get the kill…


(unmaking the universe with math) #17

Oh I mean a tag as in placing a location marker on an enemy.
It counts as an assist


(The Red Bar Observer) #18

Oh, the ping assist. Yes! It’s a pretty cool (and obscure) trick. Helps non-mic players know to join in on the fun, too :wink:

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(The Red Bar Observer) #19

Btw, when I say it’s easiest for Ambra and Alani, I mean because they have AE effects that will get you multiple assists you never even saw coming. If someone passed through your Sunspot way out of your sight, for example!


(Gt: YaCantDutchThis) #20

I’ve not read any reply, just saying.
In Meltdown and Incursion I have no problem leveling up as Miko. Well, I usually am a little bit behind, but not too much.
In Face-Off though… I’m always underleveled. In Meltdown, there are a lot of things to build and in Incursion too. And it’s pretty easy to hit a lot of things with Miko in Incursion, especially after the helix that makes your poison spread. Easy assists and stuff.

In Face-Off though… Too weak to take on a lot of Varelsi by themselves, not a lot of exp from helping… I always try to get the kills against the Varelso but it’s no use… I love Miko in Face-Off, but getting exp there is so ridiculously hard. Even with a shard generator. The enemy team is just so spread out over the entire map a lot of times, and and when there is a teamfight you can get a lot of assists. But usually not enough to get your level to the same as your team.
I guess I should try to get a shard gen and a reduced buildable cost to farm one Varelsi spot when a buddy is nearby.

I have to say, I wouldn’t mind if Miko would get a little exp for healing. Not too much though.

Alani, Ambra and Kleese are pretty good at killing things, so that’s why they barely ever get underleveled. I guess healing exp would be too much for them.
Idk about Reyna, haven’t played her after I mastered her… Months ago. She has been through some changes and idk how they affect her really.