Support tickets to 2k support

so im trying to get answers from 2k on why xbox one x are bricking and i get a response but hen i reply and i get this.

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

The recipient’s mailbox is full and can’t accept messages now. Please try resending your message later, or contact the recipient directly.

hmmm i think some shady stuff is going on here…


They make such shiddy games, the whole world needs support right now.


after a 2 hr wait time my email finally got through


I just got a response this morning. Completely blank. No text whatsoever. GBX is a MESS. They obviously only want to cater to the players who think Borderlands is only about ‘Mobbing’ and Mayhem Mode. This game had such potential. Ruined by something so unnecessary. Was Mayhem Mode created to compete with Fortnite and other ‘Raid’ type games? I wonder. I just find it mindless, messy, and irritating. But that’s just my opinion. If people enjoy it, more power to them.

The only advice I would give is keep sending in your tickets and have proof that you did. When you do not get an answer fill out a complaint with the BBB and go from there. They will eventually answer you.

Also one of the moderators (@VaultHunter101) is really helpful as well so you might want to make contact with that individual as well.

Vault Hunter 101 is indeed very helpful. The Hot Fixes used to be helpful too. Not this time. The problem of Fast Travelling wasn’t even addressed. This is really ridiculous. I don’t care about Mayhem 11. I don’t care about ‘Mobbing’…I just want to play the game I payed for in Single Player mode and be able to Grind wherever my little heart desires. Apparently GBX doesn’t care about players like me anymore. They already got my money. smh :disappointed:

Trust me I know the feeling big time, just use this as a huge learning lesson when it comes to products from GBX in the future. Like yourself I could care less about Mayhem, buffs or nerfs, all of it if I could just play the game without my console crashing and have split screen co-op work just as good as it did in the three previous entries.

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lol Needed that laugh…thanks! :blush: