Surprise Helicopter - Rath PVP Build Guide

I made a build for Rath I call “Surprise Helicopter”. Here’s the guide for it!



Helix Selections:

1 - (LEFT) Slowing Strike
2 - (RIGHT) Anger’s Echo
3 - (RIGHT) Spin To Win
4 - (RIGHT) Catalytic Flash
5 - (LEFT) Skillful Syphoning
6 - (LEFT) Brutal Blade
7 - (RIGHT) To The Point
8 - (RIGHT) Quick Cross
9 - (LEFT) Softened Target
10 - (LEFT) Dreadheart

Incursion/Meltdown Gear:

◄Survivor’s Regrowth Serum►
+7.00 Health Regeneration per Second
+4.20 Health Regeneration per Second after surviving for 180 seconds

◄Eviscerating Endoskeletal Graft►
+8.32% Attack Damage
+4.61% Attack Speed

◄Vow of Zealous Fury►
+7.93% Attack Speed
+6.74% Critical Hit Damage
Activating a skill stacks +1.59% Attack Speed. Max 5 stacks.

Capture Gear:

◄Unstable Exo-Greaves►
+5.60% Movement Speed
+17.50% Recoil

◄Duelist Glove►
+9.10% Attack Damage

+8.40% Attack Speed


Well done! Thx for this.
I’ve Mastered Rath and my Helix is much different because I do mostly PvE but I’m going to try this today.
We have a BattleFly Scrim and I’ll probably be asked to be Rath again. :wink: