Surprising ingame Ad

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I clicked on the camera symbol ingame on the right corner that lets me watch a video in order to get 5 blue coins. Normally I don’t really care about these ads.

However, and this is kinda funny, I was a bit surprised watching an Overwatch ad in the Battleporn Tap app…^^

Did anyone else notice this?



Do you even irony bruh?!

Yea, that is pretty funny.

Got that one too and thought " Man Blizzard knows Advertising thats for sure "

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Haven’t run into that, that is pretty hilarious. I’m sure the ad company generating that is separate from GBX/2K. I did run into an ad for a Gundam game though and immediately went and downloaded it. Haven’t decided quite what I think of it yet, there’s a lot of broken English, which doesn’t exactly make me feel like it’s reputable. But, Gundams!