Surprisingly good fit for a future Borderlands intro

I’ve been listening to Pumped Up Kicks again, and when I think about it, it sounds like it could work to me.


Nice, if only Gearbox would drop anything on info for BL3 or something. All i see is Battleborn this and that mainly.

You want excitement gearbox not the same old same old. People are losing faith and forgetting about you.

If you don’t mind, please keep this out of this thread. That’s not (correct me if I’m wrong @BanditNation) what the OP was intended to be about. Arguements about this subject never end well.

OT: I agree - old song, but the lyrics and style would fit very nicely to Borderlands’s theme.


Listen pal i’m not starting anything. I’m stating my opinion. Are you so afraid of others not expressing there views on here. If you are then let a mod know of my post. I’m posting how i feel on the subject and i did also post about the song too so i did not go in the arguement direction all the way. If i did i would have went fully into it but i did not. People are so touchy lately most are going to facebook to post instead of here. I did nothing wrong.

I seen the video and heard the song many times on the radio. So it would make a good fit.


Off topic. Simple as that. The only way you mentioned the song was “Nice, if only…” which doesn’t really count.

Of course you’re welcome to voice your opinion. But please keep it where it’s relevant. Not trying to start anything either, but it’s just all these negative posts about Battleborn all over the forums really gets me down.

Now I ain’t a mod, but I’m just going to ask nicely - please try to create constructive inputs into a discussion. Stuff that actually adds to the quality of the conversation.

Side note: Gearbox, like most other large-scale software developers, run different teams of people for different projects. So even if the Battleborn team stopped working on it right now, it wouldn’t make any difference in how fast Borderlands 3 gets to you. It’s been confirmed to have just left pre-production and entered development, so it’s gonna be a couple more years before that’s done. And trust me, people want BL3 to be big - they ain’t going to like it if it’s half unfinished just because people wanted it early. Good things take time.


cool i like the band you found

I’ve suggested this before and I think it will do well.

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The problem with back-seat moderating is that it starts front-seat moderating.

Use the flag system if you have concerns about a post, please.


I still think either Every Planet We Reach is Dead or O Green World by Gorillaz would be an amazing fit for Borderlands. Alas, I can only dream. Make it a reality GBX!

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Wasn’t intending to back-seat, I just can’t flag on my mobile. It was just my attempt at politely moving the discussion elsewhere.

Okay, can you still pm a mod from your mobile?

I have no idea. I’d assume so, but I haven’t tried.

Its not that i want it done faster. I and many others want news about it or some mention of it. That is all. It just seems that gearbox is just ignoring requests of info or anything related towards BL3 news. On youtube one perticular well known player morningafterkill made a video about it on his channel. And it got a alot of views and alot of comments reguarding it. So im not the only one who is seeing it or asking about it.
As for battleborn im afraid your going to continue to hear negetive things about. Thats not going to stop. I’m not making fun of it now but posted a story about it on there site today stating that they need to pull the plug on it. I’m just the messenger on this not making fun since most of you take this news of BB negetivity pretty seriously.
And besides do you really think that Battleborn will last that long. I remember that duke nukem game and the popularity it had for a while. Then it died down and then eventually it just dropped off of a cliff. So the same thing might happen to battleborn. But for the borderlands well thats a different story. You got people still playing both games to this day with higher numbers then battleborn. Just stating the facts here. Not making fun or anything cause you guys take this so seriously. I’ll end it here and so this thread can get back on track.