Surrender at 15

The time before the first surrender vote can be cast should be 15 minuets.

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Not before the matchmaking system is changed.

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This becomes a problem for teams where someone disconnects very early on with no intention of coming back. I don’t understand the fuss over the surrender system, I feel it’s fine the way it is. I’ve never had anyone complain about a surrender vote in a game and, the great majority of the time, they go through. I’ve also never seen someone throw a surrender vote that felt unjustified. It’s also very rare for teams to surrender at the 5 minutes mark, I’ve seen it twice so far in all the games I played.

That vote is there to prevent people from leaving the game and the queues to find a new one aren’t that long, I see no reason to trap people into a bad match-up.

No, especially considering how short-lived capture missions are. 10 minutes would be sufficient for Incursion and Meltdown and 5 is enough for capture.

And none of this should happen until GBX rolls out a better matchmaking system.

because of the horrible matchmaking we need a surrender option.

Remove it entirely. You can’t have one group that is simply “why should I waste time if I’m going to lose” the without thinking about the ppl who want to finish the match. Or simply make it if they surrender they forfeit any experience earned.

10min is more fair imo = 1/3 of total possible time in match = 30min

The team that forced the other to surrender should be rewarded (I will keep posting this for each surrender thread that pops up fyi); more Command XP, Credits, and possibly random loot pack.

You have to realize things do happen so it is justified. One of your players might be a douche and be afk or they just quit entirely 4v5 is not fun when vs a fairly matched team. There are definitely scenarios where surrendering is a fair option. (+see my above sentence about rewards)