Surrender calls limit

2 days into the full game, and both on the forums and in my experience, the rage quitting/troll disconnections that so troubled the CTT + BOB seem to be a vanishing problem.

However, the changes now made to the “vote to surrender” option is beginning to spawn a new epidemic:
The same gamer (I’ve got tags) repeatedly calling for surrender - and getting voted against - during same match.

Since this behaviour occurs at points irrelevant to team situation, the only reason seems to be to create disruption. The calls come but 5 minutes into, say, an Incursion match with both teams still appearing equally strong/weak, or when own team is in the lead(!), or when 5 minutes remain, again with both team still appearing equally strong/weak.

Not only are these acts distracting, but worse, they are confusing, discouraging and demoralizing for the rest of the team.

I, personally, do not care for the expanded vote time frame, nor the size of the prompt (occupying 20% of screen for 60 seconds) but understand what the intention is.

So, given it will be kept as is, could we, please, get a limit of 1 surrender call per player per match?

And, for reasons unknown to me, the tag of the gamer calling for surrender(s) is displayed at the end, after the vote. Could perhaps the tag be displayed simultaneously, at moment of call, instead - thus identifying the individual?


I really only notice the surrender about half the time.

But yeah, 1 call per player and show who is requesting it would be nice.


While increasing the time to vote seems wise, reducing the frequency to one minute without at least preventing the same person from making the request twice in a row seems like a poor decision to me.


If it takes someone a full minute to press one button, they may need to go back to LoL.

But in all seriousness, a minute is PLENTY of time to vote, and many games with a vote mechanic either give you a minute, or even less to vote. 60 seconds is just fine.

Never surrender. This call needs a NO auto response.


sometimes i’m just too busy in action that i don’t have time or don’t even see it pop-up.

Even if i’m getting steamrolled i fight until the end. seeing those call for surrender pop-ups makes me think the other players don’t have the heart for it. If my team is winning i want to complete the objective, i want to win and not because the other team left.

Wen i play incursion and we lost the first sentry doesn’t mean we are going to lose. But you see those surrender thingies pop-up… Currently with a marquis poking the sentry its dumb because they can’t poke the second sentry from out of their base. So they have lost there winning strategy, level up and kick their butt.

I would almost say that the objective score has to be 75% apart from each other for surrendering can be activated.