Surrender change

So one thing that has really been annoying me is the lack of XP you get when the enemy team surrenders. It takes too long to level up characters already and when half your matches the enemy team surrenders you just don’t get character rank. Please all I ask is to add like a XP multiplier when the team surrenders like maybe 1.5 times XP just so that way you can still level up your characters.

Agreed. Providing better rewards for the opposing team would discourage surrenders significantly. It’s a 5man ragequit button.

Lots of matches go, “Finally, a match we can win! Sentry #1 down… aww surrender =(”

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I think the problem is that you don’t need the 5 to vote for surrender, I don’t know how many but it happened a few times that I didn’t want to surrender but it still did even so I voted against.

Though I don’t agree with you on the “5 men rage quit button”, when you’re 4v5 and can’t do anything it’s good to have a surrender button !

Yup, surrender should be an option… but there should also be a reason not to do it, like the opposing team getting something extra if you do.

Idea: Let everyone vote, and award bonus XP for more surrender votes (instead of immediately ending as soon as you get 3/5 votes). If you’re dominating hard enough that all 5 people on the team tap out, you deserve something extra.

You could also keep the votes secret for the full minute (or however long) unless all 5 players cast votes.

Exactly that would be fine its just I hate that I get no character XP because everyone surrenders against me

I don’t really agree with this, until they fix people range poking the sentry and getting the balance a little closer with the characters then it should stay this way. Also when outnumbered, why should you get a benefit for pushing people to quit when they have no chance of winning? It’s undeserved in most cases.

Well… but on the other hand in 90% of the matches I get teammates below lvl 10 and I must play against full 40+ teams because I’m 50. Yeye, you can win for sure but in fact… you dont. And I’m happy that there is so few points on surrender with this really bad matchmaking. Eat me now, its okay.

I am sorry, but that would do nothing except reward you for their surrender. They would still surrender. There has to be a down side to surrendering. Not everyone on their team surrenders. A couple of uncontested votes pass and the whole team suffers. Why not contest the vote you ask. When other players are picking up the surrenders slack, they do not notice a small list on the side of the screen. surrendering has to have a consequence.

Something needs to change with this. I always vote against surrendering, regardless of how the match is going. I had a match where my team got STOMPED in the first 10 min, we lost our first sentry, ended up making a huge comeback and took out there sentry. Time ran out and we lost, by having a lower average player score. Best match I have had regardless, and the whole time someone kept voting to surrender.

Maybe there should be a time limit before Surrender is no longer possible? I’m not sure. I certainly don’t like losing out on XP because the other side quit, but there’s also the issue of the game not finding other players once one person (or more) on the other side does not rejoin. I understand it’s because of how the leveling system works, but I feel like there needs to be some fixes with matchmaking and network stability if there are to be changes to Surrender votes.

Sidenote: Also, I can’t help but feel like some players accidentally disconnect because they think pressing the back button at the character select screen will allow them to change characters; which you really should be able to.