Surrender is literally killing PC play

I am honestly stunned and offended at the sheer thought of surrendering in a video game.

The fact that I can sit for 30 minutes only for my team to give up in 10 minutes is soul destroying to me and I’m sure to many others.

Stop surrendering. Grow a set.

Why did you buy the game to not play the game?

Have a nice day.


Yeah, it’s a real problem on ALL platforms; though i can see PC getting hit the hardest, with it’s current playerbase.

Oh, and THANK YOU for wishing me a good day! Good day to YOU as well, sir.

It’s a plague on pc. Sometimes the vote is so quick, I can’t even make a single blink with my eye, and the match is over… Once my team surrendered when we were up 100-95 on incursion. My mind just exploded into thousand pieces, couldn’t play the game for several hours after that because of this nonsense.

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kind of a tasteless comparison man, ■■■■ and a VIDEO GAME don’t equate.

might I suggest looking into a cranial rectosis procedure?

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Seriously. I think people that do this just weren’t raised by their parents properly.

Oh the opposite team have an early upper hand? Better give up!

Oh I died?! Better give up!!


Like seriously. It’s ok to lose. Comebacks are a thing.

Just because you’ve lost your first sentry doesn’t mean you’ll lose your second.

It needs to be taken out. My attitude is I’d rather be losing than searching.


That’s not funny to joke about, sarcasm or not. So let’s not go there. Please.

It was. But don’t continue on and make things personal. Flag and move on.

Maybe players feel like they can’t really gain a comeback that well in this game. It’s not just common on different platforms, it’s common in several different games. We know certain games can have people surrender if 1 character gets fed. To be honest, destroying 1 sentry does take some effort. Sometimes I wonder why there are even 2. Then I come across a team that destroys 1 in 7 minutes. Obviously a bit more balancing in some areas could get players to feel less frustrated so quickly. But yes comebacks do happen, and when they do, those games end up being the best ones you’ve had, whether you win or lose. But they do not happen often for me at least. And Raam, stop surrendering, grow a pair, bad parenting lol. I could sense the salt infused frustration from the other side of the globe =).

Love the profile pic tho.

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Solid point. I think the issue lies with the fact that Meltdown is the only one with a good comeback mechanic in place

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Ironically while most peoples on PC have given up on battleborn and don’t play any more, those peoples who didn’t give up on the game itself… keep giving up during the games.

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A team surrendered to us the other day on Incursion. 100-88. I couldn’t believe it.

Surrender. SURRENDER; but don’t give yourself away-ay-ay!

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It’s a first person game so there may be players who have a higher skill level too. That could effect other players faster.

I’ll never see how surrendering is a bad thing. Yes, there’s opportunities to come back from the brink of defeat but it doesn’t happen often enough to warrant whining about your team admitting defeat and moving on early because you want to “to be a man” and fight to the last shot is taken.


The deal is: when your team surrender in the last 10 seconds. Instead of get 300 credits i get 100

When your team surrender in a situation 100-100 and your team is winning in score.

When your team surrender in a 99-100 and your attikus and dragón are doing great and is just lvl 3.

The problem with surrender is how it cut your credits/exp. Yes i know when im outskilled, but i notice that in the first 2 minutes, when ranged héroes crit 99% of the time and your first sentry lost its shield.

Not when you lost 1 point and your team is pushing, when your late bloomers are gathering shards and skirmishing, not when you Encounter same skill lvl ppl and are in a constant fight for middle turret.

Some ppl just want an easy win, when that dosent happen they surrender or quit.


Call me a freakin psycho but…What if they gave incursion games more time? When a team loses a sentry and is 50/100 for a bit, I find that there isn’t enough time to get to the enemy’s sentry, and THEN get to their other sentry to damage it.


For me and most of the people I group with regularly, we’ll only surrender or agree to a surrender if we’re getting roflstomped by a god-tier player or team. As long as it’s reasonably competitive from a player-skill perspective, we’ll stay in losing matches until the end.

For instance, I played a game yesterday where 10 minutes into the game, the opposing team had a guy that was 23-0 and level 9, compared to level 4-5 for everyone on our team. I’m not a top-tier player, but I do have Worthy of Song, Coopetition, plenty of Quad kills, etc. and I couldn’t even touch this guy. It wasn’t fun walking out of our spawn and getting killed almost immediately, so we surrendered. We don’t do it often, but I feel that it’s justified in most cases. Short of half the opposing team disconnecting, a loss was a foregone conclusion.

At least half the games I play are runaway games where it’s pretty clear from the beginning how things are going to turn out. It might be fun to totally decimate the other team every now and again, but I’d prefer a close, competitive game, and the other team in that situation is probably miffed as well. If you can take the worst of these lopsided games and surrender early, it’s very likely that both teams will enjoy the next match more than the current one.

All that said - yeah - surrendering in close games or in the last few minutes is pretty dumb, and I even asked here in the forums if Gearbox might warn people what they’d be giving up by surrendering before they can kick it off. Lots of people don’t know that the surrender penalty was increased by a substantial amount a few weeks ago, and I believe that’s one reason that people are so quick to surrender.

LOL, I am really getting irritated that people aren’t surrendering faster.

If we are 5 minutes into a game and an enemy has 10 kills already, it’s time to wrap it up.

2 minutes after that the first sentry is down.

This was a synopsis of my entire day yesterday playing. Instead of leaving after only a couple minutes, these clowns kept the game going for 15-20 more minutes. My 4-10 is the high score where others got NO kills or points…in 20 minutes of play. waste of my damn time.

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Then quit.

If they want to play, let them play.

I have never played a game where 3 people can end a match for 7 others.

Maybe console people have lobbies to burn and quicker searches are a luxury but for PC this is not the case. When you want to play but it takes the length of time it takes for your controller to turn off - only for a bunch of losers to throw in YOUR towel 5 minutes in is just crushing.

In the good old days if you couldn’t take it, you left. You didn’t drag everyone else with you.

Hope this surrender thing doesn’t inspire other developers or the entitled generation are about to enter ludicrous speed.


oh I still play. it’s just an absolute waste of my time. It also doesn’t help when I get teamed up with 5 people and 1 drops right away because we are getting wasted.

Recognizing a blowout makes more sense than letting the other team “pad their numbers”…