Surrender is literally killing PC play

That map is so poorly designed that once you are cornered to the first sentry, you won’t be able to get out (if you are up against any decent, competent opponents)

Funny. I had just the opposite experience.
Few days ago we started losing badly against premade of 5x100 when they destroyed 1st sentry at 23min mark.
A friend of mine started surrender vote in a match.
I supported his vote.
Other 3 guys voted against (highest lvl 13, best of their KDA was 1/5).
They kept stomping us really ugly (brought other sentry to 70-80%).
Friend started other vote.
I supported, rest of our team voted against.

Friend uninstalled the game after few more mins of torture.
He believes this kind of torture is not worth his time.

Now, i had like…150 incursion matches i believe. I think that i saw like…5 times people had nice comeback without leavers on their team.

Funny stuff-we started playing Paladins-now that does look like finished product.


I really don’t like the whole “if you want to choose an option that exists in the game then quit” notion. It’s quite negative. Also, I don’t know if I’ve said this in another post. This thread got pretty intense in discussion, Surrender options are in League of Legends, Smite, this game, not sure if it’s in Dota. It exists in popular games, and it is used quite a lot in non-ranked. Those games have been out for quite awhile so I’m sure there are people and developers who have their reasons to have the option. And I’m sure there are people who wish it was taken out too. But the surrender options are in Moba-type games because they are known for being so stressful to players that if a game is so landslidey, or a character becomes too powerful, the game starts to be very UNFUN to players. It’s not that the game is never fun when teams are losing but games tend to be NOT FUN to players if they are losing by like 5 to 35. And there are characters who become unstoppable to the point where not much can be done about it. These types of games can’t balance EVERY character because they are released like every month or so? So that’s why it’s there. There will be players who will just not want to play if they have to deal with landslidey games. And players feeling that way is common, and sorry to say natural with that much negative feedback. I understand you and RAAMzilla have a different mentality, but lots of players don’t.

I don’t think so.

I will say this RAAMzilla. I respect your opinion of surrender being a bad option in EVERY game, not just Battleborn.

You and your friend should have just left the game. Those 3 want to play a boring match while refusing to surrender than let them. You don’t have to stay just because they want to. The option is there for a reason bud.

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I personally have another approach on that.
The matchmaking is a resolve: one gets to a team and swears to support a team. And when team looses one does not braak ones vow: propose a surrender, argue and whine on teamchat, yes, but not just take ones toys and leave. We fight together, we win together and fail together, as a team (doing teamwork, like a team ;)). Why would there be teams if the standard would be like “ok man, do what u’re comfortable with, screw the team”?

If one’s approach is as above why bother even joining a teamplay?
If one can’t take a failure, one better not compete, at all.

Also: 'Surrender" option is there for a reason, ‘Quit’ is everywhere these days, just in case.
I appreciate @everyones honesty here, but do mind that I’ll try to avoid all declared quitters “just in case” they take ‘Quit’ as an alternative to ‘Surrender’. No hard feelings, just trying to have my FUN ye’know…

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What you stated only applies to a premade team and in a competitive match. Battleborn doesn’t have a competitive environment. Also, when you are playing on a pug team where each member is playing on their own without communication and coordination, playing as a “team” doesn’t exist. The quit and surrender options are there for those specific teams and for those reasons. These options are not necessary for a group of premades/pugs that communicate and coordinate even if you are losing because it’s still fun and have a much higher chance of making a comeback.

In the case above those 2 players didn’t want to further participate in the game anymore. However, they felt they have to stay because the remaining 3 members refused to surrender. The "Quit"option is the correct choice of what they want. There’s nothing wrong quiting in a game, it’s not real life. It all comes down to having fun. If you are not having fun, then surrender/leave! It’s so simple… There’s no need to make it any more complicated than that specially on a non-competitive game.

@Penk: “Surrendering gives full credits/EXP to the winners, and NOTHING to the losers.”

If Gearbox does this, i’m done; plain and simple. While i don’t agree with everything @RAAMzilla has said, i DO agree that having the match end against my will, when i’ve waited 10+ minutes to get into it in the first place, is sickening to me. Now i should get nothing because three people on my team wanted to surrender?!

To partially quote the Old Sentinel: “Oh no. No way in hell.”

One got two team, 5 players each - sounds competitive enough.

When it happens it is the end to teamplay eperience, not a team itself. But whether one experiences a teamplay or the above, one is still a part of a group with a common goal and that obliges one to something - suffering the consequences of each other’s play performance is a part of a deal. Just a charm of playing with noobs I guess, deal with it or avoid matchmaking.
BTW One can Ping.

And that’s correct behaviour, hail to them for that.

Try to explain it to the ramaing 3
"Guys, I know matchmaking lasts and lasts these days, I know we’re a part of a team with a common goal aso so we should stick together, and above else respect voting result, but we are losing and me and my buddy just don’t feel like we’re into continuing play. Also the game is not a real life so GFY, we quit".
I’m sure they’ll agree :wink:

Annnd, here come the mods.

That’s not considered to be “competitive” in gaming.

I’m not going to quote all your responses but I will reply to each

In order to have a team play experience (whether it’s good or bad) you need to have a team. People grouped together doesn’t make it a team. Pugs without communication and/or coordination is just a group assembled with players but each play on their own.

The correct behavior from my perspective is what those 2 players wanted to do with their time playing. Not what others wanted them to do. Again, it’s a game and not real life. It needs to be treated separately. There’s no need to put real life morals into a virtual game.

I’ve tried that on numerous occasions (without the GFY part lol) and trust me, it doesn’t work. There are so many stubborn players that place their real life morals and (as someone previously stated) “bullcrap believes” into this non-competitive game.

I respect everyone opinions whether you agree or disagree with me is always fine so I won’t take it as an offense.

just a general reminder:

Please talk about the game, not about other members. Thanks :heart:

PS: Use the flag system to flag posts that might violate our Forum rules.

If I quit it was for a real life issue if you’re on ps4, and I love your view on it because it’s so true. Fight with your team stand by your team!

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I would just like to say the PC community needs a revival, plus apparently console numbers have no say in this (PC master race😡)even though the numbers ESPECIALLY xbox are fine


I wouldn’t say FINE; perhaps ACCEPTABLE, but far from fine to me.

Really how so, none my friends ever complain about it where you live, that may have something to do with it

Chicago; but i’m also on PS4. Last i heard, the population was pretty even on both consoles though, being slightly higher on Xbox.

Well in Texas it’s been just fine, and most of my friends are on PS4

Besides Chicago is a busy place right

Well, fine is a matter of perspective anyways. I am NOT fine with waiting 10+ minutes for a match, that ends due to surrendering/disconnection from leaving players/pub stomps roughly 30% of the time. Now i mostly play PVE on normal, to help level lower CR players.

Damn you and such for your better connection…