Surrender Issue "Fix"

It’s happened to us all. It’s a stalemate on incursion and you finally get a good push and the enemy team surrenders right as you get their first sentry down. I think that the team who surrenders should be penalized, or the team who made them surrender gets a “prize.” Either, the surrendering team doesn’t get a lot of XP, or the winning team gets an extra 10% XP for making the other team surrender. Because of the XP lost due to lack of playing time. Even better, just remove the surrender option. But I think rewards/ penalties would be a dissuader, and the option it’s still there. Tell me what you think.

I think I played the game for X amount of time, and earned X amount of experience. I don’t need a bonus just for the other team being worse than me. I already earned a free W.

And I don’t think a team should be punished after having to get defeated in the first place.

They should just get rid of the option. Its making the game a really annoying experience for me. 7 out of the 10 game I play the other team surrender.


Don’t feel like a bonus for making them surrend is the good way to go, but a penality for surrend yes… but actually it would be cool if ALL credits and xp of the team who surrend go to the other team

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Or, they could tweak the reward system. Surrender is a staple feature of MOBAs. If you aren’t confident of the win, why waste 5 minutes, if not more, of your time?

Personally, I never surrender. So what, I’m going to lose. I don’t have the negative effects of losing free time. I’ll go the full 30 minutes if I can. Hell, I’ll play a whole match of Incursion if they adjusted the timer to an hour. I don’t care about XP in PvP. Advanced story missions are pretty simple and can almost double the XP for the same amount of time. And with that double XP for before Alani’s release, I’m already CR100. They first need to address rewarding the CR100 and BR15 players with increased amount of credits.

Yeah, why don’t we just tell the player base to leave? That sounds wonderful. No one complains about matchmaking times anyway. Oh wait, they do. Behind Alani, that’s all anyone complains about.

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But why do you have to leave when you are loosing ?

It’s really close-minded to think that. And don’t say “because it’s a waste of time”, it’s not true… if we are winning or loosing we are still playing, and playing isn’t a waste of time… we are not playing to win, but for playing.
We will never learn to play better if we surrend with the firsts difficulties

(unless you have 2 afks there is no reason to surrend… how many times did i won a game where i was loosing 400-0 ? a Lot)…

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im all about the team forcing the surrender being rewarded full xp for the win. nothing wrong with that, and i dont think the team surrendering is particularly concerned with how much xp the team that is smoking them gets. but not allowing surrender or penalizing people any further than what is already in place doesnt solve anything. all it does is make half the people have a bad experience. if you are getting tired of teams surrendering against you, try solo queue. matchmaking will usually eventually get you around 50/50 win loss if you queue solo. i know there are some cases where people just have a lot of bad luck and have something like a 40/60 win pct overall, but the norm is somewhere around 45-55 pct wins in solo queue.

It doesn’t matter if you have personally pulled out of 400-0 games. Most people have “time is money” hardwired into their heads. While no money is involved in BB, a lot of people would see those uphill battles as a waste of time. Why spend 5 minutes plus the wait time to get into another match? It saves time and multiple games have surrender features. Look at any RTS or MOBA and you’ll find it. I realize that BB is a shooter first, but Gearbox has already shown desire to bring BB to eSports. So, why not follow suit of other games of a similar genre? With less than 100 credits per game, surrender isn’t really hurting the economy of the game.

And no, people usually don’t play just to play. Most people are raised to be competitive by default. Not just by parents, but by school systems as well. Also “play” hints towards fun. Ask a million people and a majority will say that difficulty and fun don’t go hand in hand.

Finally, even with 2 afks, I never surrender. Nor 3 or four. The match will be over shortly anyway. Just means that I don’t need to focus minions or sentries, and can harass the opposing team. The only time that I have ever surrendered was due to a family medical crisis. If the vote had failed, I would’ve simply dc’ed.

Edit: To comment on you original proposal, penalizing those who surrender would only encourage feeding. Than when any “difficulty” as you said comes along, you will have team mates who feed to ensure a quick loss. So would you prefer poor teammates or surrender availability? I choose surrender.

I personally feel tweaking the reward system will do little to those who are prone to surrender at the slightest hint of losing. I also feel that removing this option altogether will be the best. Players can have the option of leaving mid-game if they like and in return they will receive nothing from it (e.g. exp, coins, etc), but those that stick it out to the end will. The surrender is killing the entire experience for me especially when my team vote for surrender while I’m still pushing and trying to turn it around. Quitters should be punished, but not the other people who are on the same team as the quitters.