Surrender option and challenges

I know there’s been 1,000,000 of posts about surrenders and how bad they are, well here’s another one!

90% of the games we play the enemy team surrenders which makes it simply put, boring. On top of that, it’s making getting challenges done like “Old Man Cranky” where you have to win 1000-0 on capture. Last night we had a match we fought hard to get and hold all 3 points only to win via a surrender with a score of 975-0 with 10 seconds left in the match.

If you’re going to allow things like this to happen and other challenges like ‘Win 10 Incursion matches without dying’ to complete even if the enemy team surrenders then you should fix it so other challenges complete even if the enemy team surrenders.

I’ve posted a screenshot and sent it over to 2ksupport on twitter, put in a ticket and haven’t heard anything on it (no suprise there), hoping I hear back from someone here.

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Well, it appears they cater to quitters. No one is willing to do anything about it. So here’s what’s going to happen, my squad will continue to play control and let the enemy team win 970-0 and we’re going to surrender until so many people complain about it maybe they’re realize just how ducking stupid the surrender option is.

The surrender option is pretty much mandatory with matchmaking being so broken.

Surrender is pointless. If players don’t get their way they just leave anyway.

I’m so happy this doesn’t happen on Xbox. They surrender, you win. You win, your win/loss rate goes up. Your win/loss rate goes up, you get matched with better players who wont quit. (oh but matchmaking doesn’t work! well you do need to play at least 60 games in a particular game mode for your true skill to come through).
If you surrender a lot, you loose a lot. Your win/loss rate goes down. Your win/loss rate goes down, you get matched with noobs and others who surrender a lot.
Individual games may and will vary.

You’re missing the point of the original post. We’re still getting a win for a surrender, but you aren’t getting an achievement that requires longer game play. Or in the case of 1000 points to 0, literally needs the full game since you play to 1000.

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Surrender makes sense in some situations. I’ve had Incursion games where we aren’t going to win. We just aren’t working as a team, but the other team doesn’t know how to take advantage of that. So we’re just sitting there for 30 minutes with no hope of winning but no hope of the other team winning quickly.

Yes but if you know there’s no way to win then just quit. It makes it easier.

I’ve had too many games where one player voted for surrender and then left because the vote failed. And therefore makes the surrender pointless because so many leave when they don’t get their way. It’s annoying. In these cases the surrender option is moot because 9/10 (in my personal experiences) they wont stay if you vote against them.

People are talking about harsher punishments for people who quit games but I don’t think that’s necessary. Even though it’s upsetting right now. I like that you can’t enter a new game after quitting until the current game ends.

I like the idea of having bots replace lost teammates. I think that would be beneficial.

Idk. People are gonna do what they want :confused:

I like the idea (in theory or a perfect world) of the surrender option, even tho I never surrender. Its a team based decision, which is great. But not everyone respects their teammates enough to honour a failed vote.