Surrender trolling the winning team?

So I played a Meltdown and our team was clearly winning. Around 5 minutes into the battle they surrendered. Barely got any XP, CXP and I didn’t get a single piece of gear.

I’ve gotten more rewards from horribly losing a match than I did in this game. This basically gives the enemy team the ability to screw you out of a win.

Possible fixes?
Require a certain amount of time before a full team can surrender. If they lose players then allow them to surrender.
For the winning team reward them based on the win rather than personal stats (This would also encourage players to play as a team)

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Yeah but at least they got some rewards, if they nearly played a full game that is. Our team got a win and didn’t get anything. This surrender thing works great… for PC. I hope they do something about this.

If you can be denied rewards from winning, that could easily make people stop playing.


You never get gear in pvp, and as far as I know rewards are based on time played. So you got less for the individual match, but can queue up more quickly for another. I fail to see the problem.


It might not necessarily be trolls. There was a video posted yesterday I think that showed a winning team surrender because they didn’t appreciate their Marquis using the Overgrowth exploit. If I realized someone on my team was using an exploit or cheating, I would consider surrendering to screw them out of a win as well.

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1: You don’t get gear in PVP for anything.
2: There is a time requirement to surrender. It’s 5 minutes. When they surrendered.
3: Your XP is based on time played and what you do during it. You earned what you deserved for that match.
4: You do get rewarded based on your win, you get a win bonus and a W on your W/L record. This is what you get for every win.
5: You’ve gotten “more rewards” in terms of XP because the game lasted longer and you did more during it.

In conclusion, you got what you deserved for that match. You can’t force players to suffer through a losing game. Just take your win, and queue back up.


Ha, good stuff

To me the pvp rewards means exp you are correct in no match loot drops

I derpped that sentence, I was trying to say I couldn’t get gear. Because the match barely rewarded any credits.

Personally I value XP/CXP cause I’m trying to level up my characters. On a full match you’d get a nice amount whether you win or lose. But when teams surrender early in the game the amount you get is drastically lower. Almost to the point of “why bother” if a lot of matches start ending like this, it could become a big problem.

I don’t really value win to loss ratio, sure I want to win but I couldn’t care less what my scoreboard looks like… or at least until Ranked matches are added. Typically people are playing to build their characters with either gear or mutations. The XP, CXP and credits are important. They might not be important to other MOBA’s that only allow you to buy skins, but here it’s different. We worked really hard to shut down the enemy team early in the match to take a big lead and it feels like we’re getting punished for it.

If active fixes were implemented to prevent pub stomping, such as level difference barriers and pub v pub only without group involvement, then your complaint would hold merit. As it now is, surrendering is the only way a team that is getting rolled by a troll team have to get back at them, and as a wise man said, forcing players to stay in a hopeless match is worse than letting them go.