Surrender - Trying to build a bridge and get over it, but TROLLS!


Yes, many a topic now, about hating it…
People using it to flake out because they don’t like the map, they didn’t get the character they wanted, they want to go AFK, or generally just giving up…

But yesterday, when playing PvP I experienced something entirely new (I wrote about it on another tread, but thought it might warrant its own topic, in case gearbox wants to take note)…

My “WINNING” team, voting to surrender right before winning!

This happened in both meltdown and capture… right before getting to the 500 mark, and right before the winning countdown/1000 mark…

If it were once, I’d build a bridge and get over it… As the title suggests…

But more than once. And there be trolls…

Why 3 players (Boi! Did they play me!) would pull the rug out from under 2 other players like that, I do not know (these were random match ups - I didn’t take note if the 3 players knew each other - will pay more attention before starting matches now)…

That pesky surrender button, oh how you continue to surprise (annoy!) me…

My suggested fix for the above would be:
At a certain point in the match (whether timeframe, or % of the winning team - eg, they have hit half way to end goal) surrender cannot be used…
That way the winning team can’t experience the above, and the losing team… Fight back and steal the win!


Uhhh… wut?

I could understand surrendering to troll the winning time by robbing them of decent xp but… wut??

I know right, It makes no logical sense at all (lose out on xp, doesn’t help win/loss ratio, just generally uncool)…

I apologise to my neighbours, or anyone in ear shot at the time (TIMES!) that it happened… many unpleasant words were shouted in the direction of my TV (sorry TV, I love you).

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im sick of the surrender abuse also people surrendering 3 to 5mins into game just because it looks like they not going to win. 7 games in a row last night it happened. and i have had the winning team surrender also

i really do believe they need to sort this whole surrender thing out because at the moment its just spoiling the game i love the game but every other game people surrendering because it looks like they might not win
im real close to giving up on the game if nothing is done when they do next update then looks like finding new moba

I remember one game did this (can’t remember the name) it only let you vote to surrender if your team had either 1/3 or 1/4 the other teams score that way you could only surrender if you were being demolished


they should add that into this game and also so winning team cant vote to surrender… also if you make other team surrender give you a bonus or even give everyone a bonus for finishing the whole match

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Agreed maybe it could be called the “domination bonus” give 1.5 could instead of 1

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I understand the majority vote but ever other games go with a 4/1 instead of 3/2 surrender for a reason.

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yeah but what about the 80% of games where they leave before even the first spider has been killed or even when in cap both teams dont even get to 100 points yet because 1 team look like they wont win leave not even giving a chance for comeback… i understand what the surrender button is for but really not even 3mins into game people surrendering

It certainly needs to be addressed…
It’s one thing to surrender when you look to be down and out…
But to surrender when your team is winning? There is no way to justify that.

I think a bonus should be added to the team that wins to the surrendering team.

If surrender must be used, I’d like a 4/5 people, instead of this 3/5 stuff… If it’s going to be a majority vote, than have it as the majority, minus 1 player, not 2.

I find myself on the losing team at times (who doesn’t?) and I quite often see people reach for the surrender option…
No matter how bad we are doing, and if there is no coming back from how far behind we are, I always vote no.


Because even if I’m losing, I’m having a great time…
It’s one thing to be gracious in victory, and another to also be gracious in defeat!

There is a certain point where there is no coming back in a game,
No amounts of bots will get you there…
Your sentry ain’t going to rebuild its self…
And there just aren’t enough points to capture…

But instead of giving up, reaching for surrender…
Just kill each other!
Run around, test out your skills, see whom you can take down!

Rather than "I’m not winning the objective, so, I’m out’…
If the objective is lost…
Win at having fun!


having that kind of condition actually sounds reasonable. You can still surrender if you’re getting hammered, which is the important part.


If you’re not already a motivational speaker, you should look into becoming one :smile:


surrender shouldnt even be there for winning team. my first 2 game of incursion surrender at 85/100 and 2nd game 65/100 but a shock 3rd game made 1 person leave but the 4 others didnt not quit and my hat goes off to them… i just gone on twitter to msg 2k about sorting it out they answered me right away i was shocked most gaming companies just ignore msg :slight_smile:


2k and gearbox is the at listening to the community I would say

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yeah they are good i have msg loads of dif gaming companies and all msg just got ignored every msg so far to 2k answered same day or next…

Hahaha, you so funny! Certainly not a motivational speaker :joy:

But now while trying to be serious (how am I meant to type with a straight face now?! Still smiling!)…

Surrender certainly has a lot of negativity attached to it, and I’m glad people on the forum are making their voices clear about it… Gearbox is listening to us, it’s even better when we see one of them pop up in a topic from time to time…

Hm, maybe I’ll type out a ‘positive reason to NOT surrender’ topic to see if anyone might change their mind on reaching for the option :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fix is to find players you can trust to play with. Trolling will be much less likely.

I keep seeing these surr’ threads popping up and I do see it as an annoyance usually because our team is stomping the other so they just quit.

I will say this as many times as it takes for GBX to take notice. Extra rewards should be given to the team that forced a surrender. Command XP, Credits, and possibly random loot pack. If a team is good enough to force a surrender they should be amply rewarded.

Now…time/progress basing… In the mode ‘Incursion’ a static time of 10min. If that is not enough, once the first sentry is destroyed the option to surr could become available.


Haha give some battle speeches to your team!

"Lo, my battleborn brothers and sisters; though we may be suffering from the red bars and high ping, and our allies have disconnected, DO NOT DESPAIR!

Though our enemies are a 5 man premade with a Gali/Miko combo and a Marquis cheesing our sentry, DO NOT RAGE QUIT!


^pretty sure you’d get muted about 3 seconds into that, but it’d be worth it :joy:


I wrote it… I blame you! :wink:


More players like you please.

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