Surrender - Trying to build a bridge and get over it, but TROLLS!

I just started another thread that may be the answer to this. I think players are trying to complete challenges and are ignoring the game. If they complete a challenge in a game, they want to quit out to start another challenge. It’s possible that this is part of your problem. I’ve had players state that they are working on challenges and are sorry that we might lose the game. Maybe this is the same for those winning the game. Finish a challenge, quit, and then move onto the next challenge.


Actually just finished reading your new tread and agree about the challenges needing a fix. Kill so and so 30 times makes people not even care about trying and is kind of annoying

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I agree 100% some of the lore challenges are a little crazy, I totally see someone whos’s been trying to get that Galilea challenge where it requires you to play on the same team as Ambra a bunch of times quitting early because its their 10th public game where no one selected Ambra. The leaving early is is a direct result of the many moving parts of this game not working well together. I hate all the early surrenders and backouts but its happening far to often for it to just be a bunch of trolls looking to ruin everyones time. Devs if I may make a suggestion…implement some sort of penalty for quitting early, like a small loss of Command rank or credits. Also I feel like once ranked is introduced the surrenders will drop as well. Thats my 2 cents, you can keep the change.

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Surrender is easily the most frustrating thing about this game.

Had a match the other night where two friends and I went into a game of meltdown and because we were down about 100 points going into the halfway point of the match, one of the randoms tried to vote to surrender 4 times, two of which happened when we were behind by only 5 points, and we ended up winning the game anyway.

Had we not had the numbers to out vote them, the epic comeback never would have happened, and it was glorious so that would have been tragic.


Bravo, well said.

The Devs really need to fix this issue, as it’s only getting worse.

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