Surrender while winning

I really think the winning team CANNOT vote to surrender, just had a match where there was a group of 3 on my team, we was against a group of 4, we was winning, they was slowly catching up, but the group of 3 on my team voted to surrender because the group of 4 was running together (not a big surprise really considering that is what you do as a group)

But instead of playing the match out and likely pushing a win due to time, they just gave it up.

I can understand the surrender option being there, but if a team is winning it should NOT be an option period.

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No, I think the option should be there, but it shouldn’t allow for a 3+ premade to decide it on their own.

The premade should all agree, plus one of the random. Meaning a premade of three needs all three plus on of the others, and a premade of four needs all five people saying yes.

This rule would only be in effect if the premade initiated the surrender. If a random started it, it would still require only three total votes.

The only thing this does not address is a group of three keeping you in a losing game that is obviously a loss. That’s a bit harder to solves, and may not be as big of an issue in comparison.

My two cents.

I agree. I’ve had too many unskilled players try to surrender even when we have a big lead, simply cuz they suck.

I agree. There should be no option for surrendering when you’re winning. I played a game last night where we were winning by a landslide and someone voted for surrender twice on our team!

Surrendering should require a unanimous vote.


That, I don’t agree with. It’s too easy not to notice, particularly on split screen. If nova said something, then Maybe.


I have yet to see my team surrender while we were winning, so how often does this really happen? I have like 160hrs played and this has never happened.


I do play with 1-3 friends pretty much everyday, and 1 or 2 times we did surrender while clearly winning, we weren’t going to lose the game, yet we surrendered. It was 5v4 so we were in an advantage. One of our teammates was being a huuuuuuge jerk to everyone on our team, like massive, voice and chat. Blaming healers and tanks and everything under the sun for his mess ups with tons of foul language. So I decided to poke fun at him a bit and asked the team “Should we surrender? Its not a very fair fight”. He blew up on me lol. Which caused one of my party members to initiate, which caused more salt, got to 2/3 votes and at the last 3 seconds before the vote expired I voted yes. He was soooooo mad, but it was totally worth it.

Lesson is, don’t be a jerk.


I’ve had it happen a few times, it really really annoys me.

Maybe if it was a minimum of 4 instead of 3 votes? That way “that one guy” couldn’t strand you in a match? And also i agree nova should say something, i often don’t even notice a surrender vote unless i’m dead at the time.

On one hand, that was mean.
On the other, you’re my hero :slight_smile:

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