Surrendering/Disconnecting (Capture)

I’m a rank 46 on Xbox One. My favorite game mode is Capture, because it really stresses team coordination as well as solo player skill, as opposed to Meltdown and Incursion, which mainly consists of Thorn and Marquis cheesing behind cover, supported by a Miko. Not to mention the average match is quick (about 10 minutes). But holy hell I can barely find a match. I find that the average wait time for a Capture match (5-10 minutes) is significantly higher than the wait time for Incursion/Meltdown (1-2 minutes). And when I DO find a match, the other team is usually intimidated by my rank, and they immediately leave at the start of the game, forcing me to wait another 5-10 minutes to find ANOTHER game, where they do the same thing. When I finally do play a game, if my team is dominating the opposing one they Surrender immediately. I haven’t completed a full game of Capture in TWO HOURS. That’s ridiculous. I love this game, but I did not play $65 plus the season pass to wait in lobbies for 5-10 minutes and get 2 minutes of play time. There needs to be bonus xp or something for the opposing team who did not surrender, or penalties for people who disconnect/surrender.