Surrendering in incursion game mode

It is starting to feel like every other game someone is trying to surrender even when your first sentry is half health. Early today in a match we lost our first sentry but the other team left themselves so weak we basically killed them all. 30 second respawn allowed us to rush their sentry and kill it, before forcing them back to take the win.


I’ve asked for this before if we were down a team member, like if you are 4 v 5 it’s already unlikely you’ll win and usually you can feel it early (couple KO’s on your team, sentry already taking light damage, etc.) so I rather skip the rest of the massacre. At the pace of this game we at least need a bot hero.

It’s cool I was on a team that was voting for surrender at 100-100 (voting ended at 84-100 us losing) but they started voting because our k/d was as follows 0/5, 0/4, 0/15, 0/11, 3/2 and two people on my team were only level 2 while the other team was 5-8 (note I was only one with kills but even those were the hardest fought kills and two of them were trade off kills). I don’t feel like we would have been able to turn the game around though.

You can usually tell pretty easily when you have no chance of winning the match any longer.

on meltdown my team was losing 100-400 we stuck it through and turn the game around with a 500-460 win for us!

i dont like surrendering at all


Well Meltdown I’ve had it happen as well, works out far better than Incursion.

i have had in incursion also were we lost our first sentry and have then destroyed both enemy sentries. just takes a team that is not willing to give up.

i like the fact that i still get XP and credits even for losing. so i dont know why people call for surrender when things are still doable to win,

Because people are too quick to give up. The game isnt over until the end . I had one match where we hadnt even damaged their first sentry and out last one was down half health and somehow we managed to pull it back. Ok we still lost in the end but their last sentry only had 11 health left.

Not to mention it was an extremely fun match.

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I’ve had a few regroup moments like that, but usually the game starts more evenly in those cases and we start dipping at each other occasionally until a big push. In the games where three of us die and sentry is hurt in the first two minutes I already have my white flag waving, there’s no point in struggling for nothing. Then my team wants to fight on so the moonlight sonata starts playing as I watch them die around me in slow motion.

Opposite end of the spectrum I also had an incursion match where we lost our first sentry in the first 7 min didn’t take damage tor the 2nd pushed them back and took out there sentry in the last 3 minutes and game ended 50-50 and we gothink the win for having the first kill. That was an exciting match to be part of. I hate surrendering as well and always vote against it but when your with a bunch of random stuff it isn’t always up to you. I typically play with at least 2 people though and we ensure we don’t surrender at that point.

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It is a very important psychological skill to remain focused under pressure and face adversity. People who want to quit with the fist hint of a loss miss an opportunity to practice for handling pressure under real life situations.


Thanks Sigmund Freud. lol

one game I was happy that other didnt accept the dude surrender.

We lost our sentry, and we manage to kill theirs sentry at 0:00 sec for a “draw” even though it said victory for us;

but yes some people are quick to jump on surrender; on other team or our team;
100-98 and they surrender, its like why ?

Personally I think Surrender shouldn’t ever be an available option to players unless the game detects an imbalance in teams ie 4v5.

This isn’t just a problem in Incursion. Every game mode seems to be plagued with teams wanting to surrender as soon as it looks like they are about to lose. It’s becoming more rare (for me at least) to be in a game that goes to full completion. It’s frustrating both when on the winning or losing side. For me it ruins the player experience. It’s even more frustrating when the team votes to surrender (successfully) when you are literally a few points from either winning or losing. The teams get lose experience and money when not completing the match.

This also leads to another issue that people have brought up in another thread. Some players just wanting to focus on lore rather than objections as it’s common place for people to surrender quickly and will have less time to get in that x damage or do x things in x time. This is more of a catch 22 though. If they would focus on the game rather than lore the team would be doing better and may not be losing and therefore no surrender. HOWEVER the other team is very likely to surrender as a result. Round and round we go =)

Overall, Surrendering shouldn’t be an option in my opinion as people mostly do it strictly because they are losing and just want to move onto the next game. If you can’t handle losing a match maybe competitive play isn’t for you?

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humm for a 3vs5, I think a surrender option is viable. I mean its a loosing time for both team and I am not sure where is the fun in those situation.

Right. I agree. In my first sentence I said that it should be available if the game detects an imbalance.

all good then we have a mutual agreement :slight_smile:

The issue of surrendering is a mute point, i understand some of you would like it if the opposing team didn’t have the ability to surrender so that you can spend half an hour crushing them, but that makes no sense at all.

#1. Playing difficult players and teams makes you better, your need to obliterate new players will come back to bite you in the ass as the community starts to master the game, i do not care how good you think you are, at some point you will face a squad that is vastly better than you are and your gonna want that ability to surrender.

#2. TIME, its all about time people, if your going to spend 30 mins in a game its good to know that at least you have a chance, if you lose a player, or are just getting creamed there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to conserve your time, go back to the drawing board and start again

#3. This isnt Overwatch (cough team fortress), its not a light gun shooter, its not even a hero shooter if you compare it to the others, THIS IS AN FPS MOBA, and in MOBA the games are lengthy and surrender is a standard game mechanic, Nuff Said

so instead of arguing about surrendering maybe we should discuss how to build a roster to make teams surrender not wether or not they should

But you get more credits for a longer match even if you lose :open_mouth:

Fighting against odds can be fun; but what’s worse than surrender imo are players who stay in the match and walk around spawn :confused:

seen people vote for surrender on winning side 100/ 24 kind of ridiculous.
you should not even be able to surrender if your winning.

this game also has lots of problems with rage quitters, we need some bot support, people just sit at the home spawn inactive and intentionally throw the game is just pure bull crap.