Surrendering instead of losing

I’m not sure people understand what the Surrender is for. Or have I completely misunderstood it?

Often people will surrender when there are just a few minutes of the match left or just a few objective points to go. Why won’t people just play the match to completion? It’s not like it really matters to your stats, it’s a lose for the surrendering team anyways. I’m really baffled about this, why is this a thing that people do?

I think once it gets to a certain point eg one team is at 400 minions on meltdown you shouldnt be allowed to surrender same goes for the other way if no has 100 minions you shouldnt be allowed to surrender and please bring it back to every 3 minutes instead of 1 but keep for how long it stays up for.

There’s a lot of back and forth on surrendering. I think it’s mostly a product of other things needing addressed (namely matchmaking, which I think honestly has improved a lot). I think the system works for the most part. If stats meant more, I’d say they should tweak consequences if your team surrenders and you didn’t want to. But likely it’s a spike that may ebb and flow as other systems are adjusted, but not really anything the devs should focus on with some other things to look at.

But that’s stupid. When the match is already ending, why even bother surrendering anymore?

And I’ve seen people come back from a 100-450 in meltdown, 400 points for the enemy is definitely not a lots case.

Of course this is all ignoring that the match wasn’t a steamroll. That is not the scenario I’m talking about. I’m talking about people surrendering fair matches near the end, instead of letting the match end naturally. It’s silly.

I meant to say shouldnt be allowed to surrender sorry

Ah, I see! No problem, buddy :slight_smile:

Surrender is more of a means of saving time and jumping into another game. I get hat you mean, I do think its dumb to surrender with 2 minutes left, but a lot of people look at it as a way out of a lost cause, saving them time to play another match.

Exactly. Some might think waiting 5 minutes while the other team destroys you is fine. Those 5 minutes I could use to find another match instead of sitting in a hopeless game thinking of reasons to go play something else.

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Other reasons for surrender include:
Having a D/C in your team
Having an AFKer in your team
Its raining outside
Your miko is DPSing
Your miko is healing
You have no miko
You hate everyone on your team
You hate everyone on the other team
You hate people in general
Your favorite cartoon is on TV
You dont like the map
You dont like the character you picked
You chose the wrong loadout
You chose the wrong taunt or skin
Someone stole your kill
Someone stole your shards
Nobody has a mic
Somebody has a similar name to yours

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In incursion, quite often a team will surrender when they are just frustrated of how hopeless the fight is. One of the biggest reason I’ve seen is an enemy Marquis dominating the map, forcing the team to always look for cover without really accomplishing what they want to or need to do.

A dominating Marquis makes the game not fun. If you’re losing but still can fight the opponent, then peoples will not think of surrendering as easily (some will, but they will get less likely the 2 other votes). But if you cannot fight back because a sniper is forcing you to either retreat or die all the time, then what’s the point? It’s not even fun for the winning team in those case ImO. Because the enemy team is just always retreating and never really comes out for a good fight.

Not even talking about cheasing marquis here. Not even talking if Marquis is OP or not, that’s besides the point. Just simply, good Marquis that will dominate the battlefield will make the game absolutely not fun. The worse is MArquis+ OM, i think. Denied to get out by Marquis, denied to group or push quickly by OM’s AOE attacks.
Honestly, when a team surrender, looks at who is doing very well in the winning team and what kind of fighting style he’s using.
Sniping? cheasing? Abusing OP stuff? Well, you’ve got your reason for the surrender, ImO.

Surrendering is also a way the piss off the other team. If you are getting dominated during a match. Ending early is a way to stick to the other team. They don’t get the score they would of if the game played out.

99% of gamers on the internet care nothing for other gamers. People will jump at the chance to rob the winners of even a few points. Misery loves company, and if you’re losing it’s no fun so if you can take the wind out of the sails of the other team people will do it.

Finally quit with the we were down 10 million points but we came back BS. Sure sometimes you can make a comeback, but it rarely happens. I have never been in a game where we were 150 points down and ended up beating the other team. I sure as hell don’t want to sit through 1000 slaughters just for that 1 comeback victory.