Surrendering is good

Come on, guys. You gotta admit when your team sucks and/or when the opponent is crushing you. No frag VS 15 frags ? Come on… Surrender. Don’t worry, it’s gonna be fine.

Why do I always have to get a useless team with noobs who don’t get ANYTHING about the game ? No look at the map, no help, no intelligence, no strategy, just farming. ■■■■.


Oh, yeah… I’m sure this thread will be well received…

Uh, personally i NEVER surrender, but i can see your point. I would just… word it differently… Like, COMPLETELY.


Firstly, this means absolutely nothing. I’ve had matches where we’ve won 15 kills down, even more. Just because one team got a head start doesn’t mean you should just pack it up, Incursion and Meltdown in particular are on 30 minute timers, that’s a long time for a comeback. I’ve surrendered maybe 10 times, out of 1,200+ matches, being down at the start means nothing. The teams I hate the most, are the teams that surrender the moment the first sentry goes down on Incursion. Nobody learns how to overcome adversity by giving up, if you surrender every time things look bad you’ll never get any better and you’ll find yourself surrendering more often.

Now, sometimes a match is going “really” badly and it’s a sure loss, sometimes you just know, but even then surrendering is not worth it, how else will you learn from what you did wrong or the enemy team did right and apply that to your next match and increase your overall skill? You’ll just remain in surrender limbo if you mash that button every time you start losing. I’ve had teammates vote for surrender in matches that we later won, and I’ve seen teams refuse a surrender vote that they later won. Yet, I’ve seen teams surrender at times when the match was far from decided, and I’ve had my team surrender when we had every chance of winning, or the most commonly seen AFK players after their surrender vote gets rejected.

No, surrendering is not good. It’s a good idea in theory, but in practice is heavily abused and has done nothing to prevent rage quitters from bailing when their vote is refused. [quote=“AugusteJuillet, post:1, topic:1551753”]
Why do I always have to get a useless team with noobs who don’t get ANYTHING about the game ?

Hmm. Do you ever get on mic and try to give them advice? Maybe ping points of interest on the map? Follow them around and try to help them out, keep them alive or help them kill an enemy? Simply quitting when things aren’t going your way wont help them get any better, or give them confidence in the game. You win some, you lose some.[quote=“AugusteJuillet, post:1, topic:1551753”]
Don’t worry, it’s gonna be fine.

Losing outright is fine, too. You’ll learn more from that than throwing in the towel, and you’ll never be able to beat good teams or carry newbies with a negative attitude.


The OP isn’t worded very nicely…but I see where you’re coming from. Surrender exists for a reason and it makes the losing teams life easier. When the match is at a close end and the battle was well fought, surrendering would be petty. Let them take their victory, they deserve it and vice versa. Surrendering in a stomp however, is appropriate. Some team members don’t pull their weight, some go AFK, some leave at the start of the match because they didn’t get what they wanted. This weakens the team. I’ll admit I have rage quit before, but I do my best to stay in the game and help in any way I possibly can. Surrender is only a viable option when you know you can do nothing about the enemy teams advance. I’m sure others know what I mean.


Surrender is good for Face-Off and Incursion. I solo queue a lot and honestly, this game isn’t fun when you’re stuck on a lower level team going up against a team of “git gud noob” players who have 700 masks between them but are just sitting outside your base waiting to attack 5-on-1. If you guys have fun “never surrendering” in these situations that’s cool, but remember that that isn’t the case for everyone. No new players are learning anything through twenty minutes of being gang beaten as soon as they step out of spawn. And I’ve been on both sides of this, by the way.

Now, it’s a bit different in Capture and Meltdown because you know that eventually MINREC or the energy pads will count you down. Another point for Meltdown being the best mode.


The real issue here is that the matchmaking is ■■■■■■ up, let’s face it. And I’m not always good ! When I try a new character, new moves, etc, maybe I’m not helping neither ! Some games are so great and a lot of them are so poor because it’s not balanced. Let me rephrase it: the balance of the game is broken.

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Odd, I’ve never seen that happen on Face Off, and with the strong minions now you can’t do in on Incursion because the sentry will fall quickly if one team isn’t clearing waves.

Meltdown and Capture on the other hand, those are the modes where scummy spawn campers are prevalent, because of how easy it is to do, just wipe the enemy team and camp out at their base before they respawn. I suppose in theory it’s possible on Face Off too, they’re just Capture maps after all, but I’m always farming Varelsi so I never notice if it’s even happening. But Capture and Meltdown are certainly notorious modes for deathmatch teams and spawn camping, especially Paradise and Temples. You can’t really get away with doing that on Coldsnap and Outskirts, particularly Outskirts, which is why I always voted them over Paradise back in the old Meltdown and quick match queue.

That is, sadly, on point I think. This is a high skill cap game, you don’t simply start playing and become good because you’re good at twitch shooters. Playing a new character against an experienced premade can be a disaster. Hell, playing an off-meta character on Incursion is about the worst thing you can do against a meta premade.


Wanna know how some ppl farm kills?

Capture: let the other team contestar the capture thing and let it stay grey.

Face off: power lvl and don’t deposit mask

Meltdown: dont build turrets, minions will kill each other.

Incursion: is harder because 1 minion can destroy the sentry alone.

So when i see this happen, is the best to surrend. When your team is below 2 lvls the odds to win are small a surrender is aceptable.

I dont surrender unless my team is doing rly bad, not some mistakes but seriously bad like: miko not healing, orendi not wave cleaning and assasins going 0-21-0. 1 bad team member can learn from the other 4 but in a situation of 2 or3 vs 5 your odds are lower.

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See I’ve found that it’s worst on Face-Off on Outback. You jump off the ledge from your base, so teams just hold all the masks and then wait there to pin you against the ledge as soon as you drop down and instant kill you. I just have to stand at the edge and dance until the clock runs out. At least on Capture the pads count up and it only lasts a few minutes.

I was playing Meltdown with a team I play with occasionally the other night. I was trying to stop them from hunting down a player whose entire team quit on them, and their surrender must have been timed out. It was a no go, they just said they should quit. Yeah sure, and give up all the xp and credits they wasted their time for.

Gamers can be some if the most annoying people.


Should’ve given them a penta lol, I was in a similar match a few nights ago with only two players left, and one who was just hanging out by a base defense turret, I urged my team to do it but only four of us were in, so we just had a taunt battle instead while the Attikus barreled towards us :joy:

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Can’t say I’ve ever seen that Capture trick, I feel like even against a bad team it would be tough to pull off.

It’s weird how people are so focused on kills in a game where they don’t really count all that much.

I was in the team of the capture trick… When i noticed how none was capturing points i started to do it and got yelled and cursed, specially because they explained what they were trying to do!!

They even allowed the other team contest the points… I was reyna trying to protect points alone to finish the match asap and never party up with this team.

Some ppl feel pleasure hummiliating others… And well some tittles allow this.


OP I think you mean to say “Dodging non-Incursion maps is good” :smiley:

b/c surrendering is for scrubs and so is instantly dodging a team based on who is on it, like yesterday my team got dodged 3 times in a row by lvl 100 pre-mades who would rather pub-stomp noobs than face a good team like Greybeard’s.

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When you’re on the receiving end of a 5 on 3, there’s not much point in continuing. Even if the other team doesn’t know the best way to win, unless your remaining three are all gods you’re pretty well screwed.

But after they veto the second surrender attempt … I ain’t gonna go beat my head against that wall.

It’s one thing if it’s a close match, or if you’re still capable of doing something worthwhile. I’ve got no problem playing a losing match, and sometimes it can be fun to see how close you can get a 5 v 4 (I’ve even seen a win or two on the weaker side of 5 v 4’s.) But if my team is always suspiciously absent where the fight is … I’m gonna surrendur and find a group that can actually play as a TEAM.


More power to you then. I like to yell “FREEDOM!!” at the top of my lungs every time i pointlessly charge the enemy team, for the three or so minutes that the match continues before we lose. If the enemy team purposely ignores the objective(s) to farm kills (rare), i just leave.



I’ve been on the other end of one of those matches - image

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Surrender has nothing to do with K/D or objectives. If you know that your team is going to lose, stop wasting everyone’s time.
Sure it is possible to make comebacks, or to win on objectives even while dying a lot but it isn’t very fun. I want to have fun.
I am usually running with randoms and people don’t talk much. Sometimes I will vote for surrender just to see if my teammates are paying any attention to what is going on. I have triggered comebacks by voting for surrender.
I don’t understand people who say “I never surrender” as a point of pride or something. I’ll bet everyone who says that just quits out instead. As if that’s better. Get off your high horses and stop being stubborn jerks because there is No excuse to refuse surrender if you are for sure going to lose!


A party trumps a team without one. If a good team can hold all the points it is not really any harder to just not finish capping. Most people don’t do it because they are trying to win instead of getting “worthy of song”.
Ironically most people who have that title used underhanded methods like this to get it. Worthy? I don’t think so.

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