Surrendering needs a rework

I think surrendering is one of the most ridiculous things in this game. They need to put some form of restriction on the surrenders or get rid of surrendering entirely. There are too many teams that just surrender when their sentry takes like 5 damage early game it’s so annoying and also it makes you get way less xp


I think the vote needs to be unanimous or something

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You can’t surrender until the clock hits 12 minutes left. Getting rid of surrendering isn’t the way to go, but they need to add a few score restrictions to surrendering, such as a score imbalance has to be in place for surrender to be possible or you have to be down a teammate due to a quit or disconnect (disconnect after a few mins of them not coming back).

That would curb early surrenders and allow surrendering when the game is a blowout or you are down a person which makes it near impossible to win.

I just had my second game today where my own team surrendered… While winning. At this point I twitch whenever someone hits that button. It’s awful enough that the game literally offers an option that encourages bad sportsmanship, but at this point it has reached an all pervasive level. I am now surprised when a game does not have at least one surrender call, and usually more.

If you absolutely must have such an option, first off the winning team should not be able to do so. Second, it should only activate if losing extensively (such as being a player down).

surrender is just fine. its eaither leave it as or those poeple will just DC, they already DC also before the surrender option.

sometimes it shows from the start you’re going to lose hard and that surrender option can not come fast enough

I didn’t get why they made some of the changes, particularly decreasing the interval at which a surrender vote can be started. It would be nice if the same person can’t do initiate multiple times in a row.

I’d like to see a list of XP gains per minute played. People keep seeing you get less XP, and per match that is true, but I’m not at all certain that you are getting less per time spent, and since the match is over sooner, you can requeue.

The crazy amount of surrendering is annoying, but hopefully improvements to matchmaking are coming and the surrender situation will improve as a result.

If they remove surrendering, it will only encourage feeding.

Well they need to make it to where they can only surrender if they’re on their second sentry and they can’t keep voting over and over

The winning team should get extra experiance for the surrender.

That’s what I think should happen I like that idea since it will benefit the team that did good enough to force the others to surrender

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The matchmaking needs work.

They just need to remove it. Yes it sucks to lose. But come on can we stop being selfish?