Surrendering needs more requirements

If you are going to give people a surrender option it needs to either have a 4/5 required to surrender or a point differential limit on it. Like why are we surrendering games where we aren’t even ■■■■■■■ 100 points behind!? Are you kidding me!? I’ve either stomped or been stomped playing this game and rarely does it end up being a close match, which when that does happen, the game is ■■■■■■■ awesome.

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Can’t say I’ve ever been in a match that close where either team has actually surrendered, but I can understand how frustrating it would be.

It’d be nice if those who surrender actually lose a portion of their xp/credits for the match (50%?), and that value gets added to the players who chose not to surrender. That way, if you’re actually pretty close to the enemy team and your team surrenders with 3 votes, the 2 players who didn’t want the surrender get a fair bit extra XP to compensate.

Frankly, I’d be happier if surrendering made each voter lose 100% of their xp/credits (given to the non-surrenderers). If you keep playing, you’ll still get more xp for contribution even if you fail, and if the enemy are SO powerful that you aren’t getting any contribution, surrendering is still pretty pointless since the enemy are likely to just steamroll you and win.

I don’t mind surrendering needing 3+ to win the vote, since any public match normally has one person who isn’t paying attention or is too busy fighting to vote

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Just won an incursion by surrender. 50 to 49 with 6 minutes left. And our team going, “really?”[quote=“xarteros, post:2, topic:1485382”]

Frankly, I’d be happier if surrendering made each voter lose 100% of their xp/credits (given to the non-surrenderers)

That makes it rough. However 50% of those that voted FOR the surrender get transferred and distributed to the opposing teams may make those voting think twice and still remain fair.

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This should probably be in Competitive and not Campaign Discussion.

I wouldn’t mind them adding in needed to be behind so many points in order to surrender, but 100 seems a little high for any mode (if we’re talking about scoreboard score’s), but as for losing things for surrendering, most of the time my team surrenders, we’re all pretty much backed into a corner and can’t even fight back because someone on our team isn’t pulling their own weight. No one wants to be on a team without a fighting chance. I’d rather just end the match and start another, because I’m not playing the game to feel frustrated, annoyed or powerless, and rather just try again then keep going.


Having won several turnaround Meltdown matches this past weekend (one turned from 0-79, we won at 500-498 after two surrender votes; another turned at 30-170, won at 49X-32X (don’t accurately recall)), I am all behind making surrender restricted somehow. Like, not being able to propose a vote if your last one failed and your team didn’t lose this one, until you win a match. Specific and very therapeutic, yes?

Dear GBX, can we add a new achievement?

“Never Give Up, Never Surrender” (Yes, the movie was cheese.)

Awarded for voting “No” on Surrender X number of times.

Seriously though, this weekend I had another game where people call for an early surrender because it’s 100 vs 40 or something like that on sentry 5 minutes in and we end up winning the match. The near win surrenders need to be looked at also. Surrendering should also have the option that:
Meltdown (If team is within 50 points of winning no vote.)
Capture (If team is within 100 points of winning no vote.)
Incursion (If sentry has been damaged within the last 30 seconds no vote.)

I know it’s still a win, but when there’s 10 health left on an enemy sentry and next thing you know you get the win by surrender… ugh.

PS, kudos to those of you voting ‘no’ and failing the surrender in those situations. Shows a lot of character!


Fair enough, I assume there are always going to be odd outliers here and there, but I’ve played a fair bit of PvP and I’ve actually only seen a surrender succeed once. Luck of the draw I guess.

I think if any xp/credits WERE to get transferred, members of the surrendering team who wanted to keep fighting should get it, not the opposing team. The opposing team already gets a victory with the associated bonuses. The reason I’d like to see 100% transference is that surrendering is the polite equivalent of Alt-F4. As I said before, there is no honest reason you should ever surrender, because you are either still making progress and earning more for yourself and your team, or you’re getting so intensely crushed that you don’t really need to wait very long before you’ve lost anyway. Quitting out early shouldn’t save your progress, but I’d still be happy with 50%. Hell, even 20% would be better than nothing.

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The surrender option is fine as it is, other than you have to wait 6 minutes to surrender when connected 3v5.

You know what, that’s a hell of a better idea than mine! That would definitely add some incentive to vote no.