Surrendering No exp?

ive been surrendered to 4 games in a row now, all about halfway through, and the entire winning team(my team) recieved little to no exp. please make it so when people win by surrender they get extra exp. i feel surrendering now is the best way to ensure the other team gets next to nothing for their victory

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I’d like there to be a point in the game where surrendering isn’t an option at all…
Say when the score of the winning team is above 50%? (Percent just a suggestion, can vary), the choice to surrender is void…
I’ve been ON the winning team, and at the last minute, trolls choose to surrender, all vote yes, and we lose… WTF?
So whether winning, or losing… It makes me one pissed off tree hugger (love you Thorn).

And yes, bonus exp for surrender, sounds like a good idea to me!


I thought a win by surrender was still awarded the same exp as an actual win. There’s definitely a problem if that’s the case :confused:

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Your EXP appears to be based solely on the amount of things you do in a match. This means that you get way less if someone surrenders early. As far as I am aware, the only win bonus comes in the form of credits.

Pretty much every one of the games I play in, wether I solo or group queue, ends in a surrender from the other team before we can get past level 5. Some kind of bonus for winning by surrender would be neato.

Surrendering should always be an option. If you lose some scrub that rage quit you should not be even more penalized by being forced to stay in a losing match. (I don’t want to hear; well…you can 4v5…I’ve done it before…yes, vs more scrubs lol)

The team that forced to the other team to surrender should get bonuses; XP, Credits; maybe loot packs. If your team was good enough to make another team surrender, enhanced rewards are justified.

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