Surrendering, Pros vs Cons

-Helps deter quiters
-A way out of a steam roll
-A honorable way out when team mates do quit.
-Saves time

-Less character xp for the winners (Correct me if im wrong)
-People surrender too early, dont fight for a come back win. (Totally doable)
-Pugs calling for surrender when they personally are doing bad.

There’s no perfect system. And honestly the surrender is a good option. Im for it. How ever I do think there should be a boost of xp for the winners.


Only thing that needs to change is for a 4/5 vote needed or 3/4 etc.

No bonus for anyone, if it was a stomp it wasn’t a good matchmaking period.

That makes sense. Its just hard to level up characters in PvP when people surrender.

There technically are boosts for winners in a surrender. There’s challenges for beating an enemy by a certain amount or in a certain time.

There shouldn’t be a bonus, but there also shouldn’t be a reduction in character XP because the other team surrendered.

It’s not my fault I got matchmade with a random enemy team that are all half my level. Hell, I usually pick some random character to get used to their skills in a situation where I’m not going to get utterly ■■■■-stomped because I’m playing against people who look like they know how to handle themselves.

Moreover, surrendering doesn’t necessarily have the ‘pros’ that OP mentions.
-Quitters will quit, no matter what. Surrendering is just another form of quitting for them.
-If you have time to realize that it’s a steam roll, you’re either too early in the match or so close to the end that it’s pointless.
-It’s not like it’s impossible to win when you’re one man down. Hell, the other day I had a guy who was done playing but forgot to leave the group, while the group leader was too busy looking at ■■■■ on his phone to realize what had happened. I ended up positioned in a lane by myself, but I had brought a character that can dominate a Meltdown lane by herself. We were down initially, but managed to get to late game and pull out a victory.
-Again, if you have time to realize it’s a steam roll, it’s either too early to call it a steam roll and you’re just quitting, or so close to the end that surrendering will only save you a handful of minutes at most.

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First time someone wants to surrender on Echelon i’m doin it. Dont care I hate that ■■■■■■■ map. Any other time i’ll just play it out most of the time unless people already quit

Valid points.

Perhaps a small supplement to character xp then?

In truth thats the most important thing to me.