Surrenders are getting ridiculous

I know my group isn’t the only one experiencing this really game breaking option. Why can teams surrender so early, and so rapidly? I haven’t had a game over 10 minutes or a actual good game in almost a week… My group is losing interest in this game so fast because of the surrenders it is insane. Teams shouldn’t be able to surrender until it least 10 minutes through the game. Why? Because nobody likes to try to win just to see the other team instantly surrender then the team who wins gets literally no experience or reward AT ALL. If the surrender option stays to where a team can surrender so early in the game players who are on the winning team should be rewarded with more experience. How am I going to get a Master title if 98% of the teams I play a day surrender within the first 5 minutes? It’s like a team loses middle, and they just surrender if they don’t get it back instantly (in incursion it least, capture was the same way, and we haven’t played enough meltdown but we will tonight to see if it is as bad as incursion/capture). Even when I play solo people surrender so much for no reason. I don’t even try to win games anymore because of the surrenders. I know a lot of groups who experience this issue, and we resort to private matches just to have games. Why in the hell is this game so punishing to players for actually playing the game I don’t understand. Stupid option that shouldn’t exist in the first place, but if you keep it in please buff the experience players on the winning team get for the other team surrendering. I don’t enjoy getting about 8-10 character experience if I am lucky a game because of surrenders, and I really don’t like as I am many other people agree being forced into PvE just to get experience. I get more experience against bots in private matches then I do in public matches because bots don’t surrender within 5 minutes. If your group is also experiencing this waste of time, and extremely punishing negative effect of the game post about how much it happens to your team or even you solo queing. If your the person on the losing team pretty simple work as a team and you won’t struggle. If you think it is stupid that you have to work as a team to do well call of duty is out go play it. It is truly sad I get longer games against bots then real players due to surrenders. Truly SAD.


So your group wins and gets upset about it?

But you’re not trying to win?

You know, if you want XP, you get way more than any PVP match in PVE.

I kind of got lost in the wall after that though.

Hope this helps.


Literally just played a fun close Incursion game where we were at 100, enemy was at 97, 10 minutes in and my team surrendered. So even close games being in the lead a surrender happens. Can only manage to finish capture games rn.

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Please try to break up your text so that it’ll be easier to read.


Will do I don’t do forums much so I suck at making post. sorry about that.

Agreed but regardless I feel the surrender option shouldn’t even exist till 10 minutes into a game. Half of the teams we face just surrender as soon as they lose full control of middle. We resorted to quitting our favorite characters because of the surrender spam except that didn’t help at all. But you are right if the surrender doesn’t pass they quit, and make the match even worse.

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I just surrendered a match (right now) and honestly I’m still puting this on the “it’s the matchmaking’s fault”.
As long as “stomp pug groups” are allowed into the matchmaking, i’ll keep having to surrender after 5min into the game. It’s sad but there is no other way.


We are upset by the consistency in surrender spam. Here are my stats in terms of games played, and my command rank.

Rank 61.
35 story missions completed.
175 Matches played
169 Matches Won
43 Capture wins
123 Incursion wins
3 Meltdown Wins.

As I stated we are going to try Meltdown tonight hopefully the surrender spam, and such isn’t as bad as incursion! Capture definitely isn’t good for exp but can you seriously tell me I should only be level 61 with almost 3 Master Titles? I am not saying max rank 100 but 75-80 feels more realistic. I am all down for crazy grinds but man I just want a real game. We have had a couple, and every time we see a group we add them, were friendly we do good private matches but why should we have to resort to private matches just to get decent games because of the surrender spam? We shouldn’t it is that simple.

All I am saying is if the opposing team surrenders very early within the first 5 minutes either
A: A little bit more experience like average for me lately is about under 100 command and under 10 character a match because the games usually end when we are level 2-3.
B: Set a limit to daily surrenders I don’t know what would be a appropriate like thing honestly but something should be done.

I understand PvE is more exp, but PvE shouldn’t be the only way to level up at a decent rate. It isn’t even the games fault really that this is happening. Can you really tell me I am an appropriate level for my amount of wins, and time played? The average level a game I hit is 3 because they usually end about that time. Even when I try new characters it happens. All I want is a decent game where I can get maybe 20 character exp like 2-3 games a day? I just think the surrender option shouldn’t flat exist until the 10 minute mark in a game is hit. Then at least people winning or losing will want to try to put some sort of effort into playing the actual game then just saying “oh look we lost middle so early well lets quit peace”. Or they will just quit but I rather then quit and vs 4 people at least trying then move on to the next team for a surrender. Obviously matchmaking flaw, but also community abused matchmaking flaw that slays the games fun.


You’re literally just complaining that people need to stay and lose a game they’re already losing… I’m sure they’re not spamming surrender when things are going neutral or in their favor. You can’t force people to play a losing game, that’s ridiculous.

The problem is not that they’re allowed to surrender, it’s that a 5-man team is too often paired with an inferior team.

It’s unreasonable to expect people to stay and get their faces stomped in just for your enjoyment. They’ll leave one way or another, a surrender just frees you up to actually go play another game.


Make friends, and que with them problem solved. It is unreasonable for the option to exist. If they get stomped learn and get better. Not my fault you aren’t coordinating.Also I don’t do 5 mans much anymore usually 3 or less because of the surrender spam.

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What platform? I rarely see surrenders on Xbox, even when they are warranted (50-100 at 5 minute mark, 30-5 K/D ratio between teams, etc).

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PS4 and the K/D per game is usually 1-0 or 2-0 cause they surrender when we hit level 3 regularly.

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It all comes down to poor sportsmanship. Imagine watching any sporting event and seeing teams just surrender just because they are losing. It’s 2 year old child mentality. Play the game to the end, if your losing, practice. You don’t get better by playing against people under your skill level. I’m not sure removing the surrender option is a good idea, but something needs to change with it


I think the surrender option is an innovative idea (saves quitting). Think the problem is a lot of matches are very lopsided. One contributing factor to this is because of premade teams playing against randoms. Premade teams are always going to wipe the floor with randoms, thats just the way it is. Sounds like you like playing with your mates, which is great - but dont forget most of the other teams are made up of randoms and therefore literally anything can happen. Its not much fun getting slaughtered, and it is getting pretty easy to picked the organised and/or expienced teams after about 5 minutes. I’ve got a pretty good idead which way the match is going to go by then. My personal problem is that mostly I expereince really bad lag, and it gets to the point where I feel I become a liability to my team, its like they are playing a person down. Not that it would be possible, but an obvious fix to team mismatch would be matching up premade teams (then they could knock themselves out trying to wreck each other).

It’s ruining the game for me. I keep seeing people talk about lopsided games but I’ve been in so many meltdown matches where my team surrender when we’re close to even like 210-220.

Between people not understanding even the most basic aspects of PvP and then surrendering it makes playing this game with randoms a total waste of time. Really disappointing as I absolutely love the game.


What a wall of text! Use paragraphs :smiley:

Surrender is a very good thing in my eyes!

If a team gets stomped, its a good thing that they dont have to go though this torture the next 15 minutes!

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The problem is that the surrenders are happening way too often at the beginning of the game, or at points where it just makes no sense (losing 20-100 on meltdown, or as @keanedp said, 210-220).

This is not torture or getting stomped, it’s like teams stop trying after getting a few percent behind.


Now it depends on the game mode which answer you’ll get from me.

In Control, honestly I only play that mode to see how I should use a certain hero in PVP so I don’t care if I ultimately lose. Not that I don’t try to be successful but it seems fairly chaotic most matches anyway.

In Incursion, hell yes I surrender. If we are down a person, or if the first sentry got wrecked after our first encounter with the enemy then I’m done. It’s just not worth playing beyond that point and turns into us desperately pushing back people two levels higher, what’s the point?

In Meltdown, I’ve played enough matches where it suddenly and dramatically turns around completely and I’ve won from that before so I never surrender in that mode. It makes for more fun games to me than any other mode.

If you see that the enemy team even at the beginning over run your first sentry I really can understand that team dont want to go through that the next 30 minutes.

Some teams just can handle that the first sentry dont get destroyed. Why then play this the next 20 minutes. Even if the game ends 100 - 60 it can be that it was only a torture for that team.

And at the end sometimes the game can tilt over as well so its sometimes just very clear if you will lose or not. There is no point for wasting the time on that round.

If there is no surrender option people would just stay in the base or rage quit and thats even worse!

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I only play Incursion all my statements belong to Incursion. I thought this is the main mode, isnt it?