Surrenders are out of control

i get wanting to surrender if your being out played because of unfair matchmaking where your lvl 13-20 are fighting a bunch of lvl 50+, however i havnt played the game in 2 weeks get back on for double xp weekend both matches my team surrendered like a bunch of cowards, one guy kept calling for a surrender every 30 seconds because he was playing kleese and was 1 and 13 on kills, we were not even losing a large amount it was 230 to 265 no reason to surrender, its absolutly maddening why that function is in the game, games all about being badasses right? didnt know badasses quite the minute they were losing. Honestly i hadnt played the game in 2 weeks due to piss poor match making systems, now its ruined my taste for the weekend double xp if people are just gonna quit all the time why even play, the community will die off very quickly, the studio should stick to what they did best.

I remember this one time I was on this match with four other guys (we were playing incursion on overgrowth). one of them left but that didn’t stop us. So a was playing galiea while the others played oscar mike and marquis against a team of five. The thing was we were doing great, the enemies keep dying by all three of us and manage to take a sentry down. We lost by 48-47 due to that they all attacked the sentry alone in desperation.

I agree. I have yet to surrender. I could care less. In my opinion it has always been a cowards choice or a choice made by people who thought they were going to have an easy match, but slightly start losing. So they choose to surrender. Sadly I see more of the upper CRs do it. The so called “veterans”. It really does irritate me to no end. Why call for a surrender? You called it, just leave. Don’t Drag us Into Your nonsense. But no, you want the match to end so you can start another one just to do the same damn thing…sorry I just really hate it when people do that, unless the reason is legit. Not because you’re barley losing or one sentry was taken to low health. Etc

Surrender along with Dashboard quitters on Xbox are making today stupidly hard to play the game…

Search for three minutes in quick match, get a team, vote for a map (kind of makes me mad incursion maps are in quick match voting (’-’ ) ), select character and wait, theeen BOOM! disconnected!

Three matches in a row making for about fifteen minutes sitting here. Poor people didn’t get their character or map I guess… sucks regardless


What a necro thread tho.

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The surrender-issue has been discussed in alot of topics here - most of them are more actual than this one from the launch-month May.

Here the most recent, please continue the discussion there

Thread closed to avoid further necromancy.

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