Surrenders - really?

I know there was a lot of talk about teams surrendering prematurely, but I just want to address this more to players than a plead for devs. Come on people, have some backbone, don’t give up on first small setback. It’s been ages before I saw a match where at least one person from my or enemy team did not try to vote for surrender like less than 5 minutes into the match. Like this

I play mostly meltdown and this is really big annoyance now. You get behind like 50 points and there’s a vote for surrender. And then you have to spend a couple minutes trying to explain, that actually your team is winning, since you all have gear activated and enemy has not, there are a few players out-leveling enemy team and this small difference in the beginning does not mean a thing. And most of such cases, you still win in the end, just that I always wonder, how hard are people actually trying to win after they initiated the vote for surrender? Or did they just surrender themselves and coast waiting for actual loss.

Of course, this could be changed by devs by making that you cannot vote for surrender at least before enemy team has reach for example 350 points (since it’s actually like 3-4 times harder to escort minions through the second phase than first). But it would much better if people just tried to win until it’s actually all lost. And that means that enemies are winning 200 points or something close, and they are so much higher level that they don’t let you leave your spawn for couple of minutes (and even then you can still make it work, but ok I could understand that).
So to sum up people - TRY, you might actually succeed if you do so. And if not, you might actually learn something how to play better from what enemy team does.


Reminds me of a situation where we were down 120 points at 300 points and 180 in meltdown. two players kept trying to force surrender and the rest of use kept declining as we knew we were making the comeback. By the time the game was done it was 500-380 in our favor. Those surrenders stop flowing in pretty quickly.

I don’t get why people so quick to give up.

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Well, the only Times i really want to surrend is when Ppl in my Team leaving or being afk for 10mins. Every other Game can be turned, even with Low-Level Players.

But i must agree, that the surrenders flying more than Skillshots these days. If your Team gets a little behind, the surrenders flying non-stop. No matter what, u can always change the Game. Believe more in your selve & your Team, Guys!

God damn this needs to be addressed. Me and a bro and another team of two grabbed a random Gali player and went head to head against a pre made 5 man. We started play off locked down both lanes and got up to a 300-100 lead. Then the Gali died for the third time and the surrender showed up. My friend and I did a double take. Wtf? When finally the other team took me down the camera panned behind the Gali who was sitting in our base pouting.

Suddenly the tides turned and the other team started pushing us back, we got another surrender request then another and then finally the dc (we were at 449 to their 250 on meltdown and now we were down a man for good). We forced through the last few minions to eek out a victory but damn wtf we were owning that team? I barely went positive in kd…


Maybe that Gali needed to afk really bad? I dunno, looking for the bright side/silver lining

Yeah I’m fine with all that but - surrender 3x when we are winning, go afk in base for 5 minutes at a time? surrender afk surrender afk then dc?

Yeah, all kinds of fishy and salty

What can we do? I considered sending a message, not to flame or judge just to see if I could figure out what was up?

It’s objective based - I’m not gonna be mad and rage quit if you die, and if we win who cares if you didn’t go positive in kills. I’ve lost matches with double the points on objective just because My team (me included) got cocky and started hunting while they focused on defending points.

Should we try and find out why they quit and what we can do to keep them around? Should I have hopped on mic and gave them a pep talk the first surrender? Should we as a community come up with a solution to make surrender or afking or dropping taboo?

Right now I think I’m just hoping that this is addressed in patch. They seem to be paying attention to the subject as they already hotfixed surrender once to expand the time…maybe the data is showing they need a longer “cool-down” between surrender requests per person?

I got it worse today but didn’t want to bother with a screenshot. We were leading 370 to 360 and the team score (kills and assists) was like 90 to 70 in out favor. Suddenly, Game Over !?!? by surrender on behalf of my team. Oh well.

It’s really hard to tell what we can do as community. I believe it to be combination of two factors. First, is that in general public is not stubborn in the good sense overall in gaming now. I have played a lot of Rocket league while waiting for Battleborn to come out and in unranked mode if you get scored on there’s like 60% chance one of your team will leave. 90% if there’s a second goal. Even if you have most of the match time left. So it’s not just in Battleborn. It’s a case with many games that give easy options to surrender/leave.
Secondly, I believe people got used to whining about match making and quiting became kind of “go to way” to dealing with this, like some sort of protest. And that just stripped stigma from quiting overall.

So with first part we cannot do much as community. It’s more on Gbx side. I believe the MM is much better after last hot fix, so maybe it’s time to make voting for surrender much harder in response. Like each player has limited number of times they can issue a vote (like 2 at most :stuck_out_tongue:). Better if you start votes and get shut down for couple of times Nova could scold such player in the manner how she did if you tried to access gear before command rank 3. Or something similar. But overall while it’s easy to initiate vote surrender and you don’t loose anything by surrender (maybe changing that you don’t get credits after surrendered match) - people will do that.

As for second part. We as a community have to bring back the stigma to surrender back. However, I don’t know how to do that. What I have started doing lately is if I see this not needed voting I type in team chat something in the lines “Ok, so you want to surrender. Convince me why I should vote for it, because I believe it’s far from decided currently”. Although I’m not sure how well it works. There were a few people who responded with their reasons and you could argue about the validity of them a bit. But most just keep silent and spam those votes :wink:


Meltdown isin’t the only mode suffering from this either. Incursion has been getting really bad as of late. I’ve played matches where both sentries on both sides are still at 100 and it’s only been about 5 minutes of game time and surrenders start flowing in because people have died more than once. It wasn’t that bad at first but it keeps getting worse and worse. I’ve had surrenders happen within the first two minutes of the game. I personally believe that there should be a penalty for surrendering. Weather it be no exp or no credit gain or even something more drastic like something that carries to your next match. It’s getting out of hand and something needs to be done about it.

For this reason alone, I want the title “Never Surrender” to be available. Won’t really help, but at least I won’t have to explain that I have too much self respect to bow down when things get tough. I’m so sick of kids surrendering the match when it gets a little difficult. I lost one match to surrender when we were actually in the lead!

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I was in a game yesterday where my team Surrendered after about 5mins? Not sure, but i’d only just hit rank 2. I thought the game had glitched out, then I saw Defeat by Surrender…WTF - I was quite shocked. Then in the next few games my team did it 2 out of 3, so it’s quite frustrating. I’d rather get my ass kicked, fair play to the other team for dominating.

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Hardly anyone uses a mic and majority of the people I’ve played with think the game is team death match. Once your down a 100 + pts your chances of coming back are slim when no one is communicating. So yes surrender and move on.

Because the kids care more about their stats than winning the game. I swear the majority of players think it’s team death match.

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Complete not my experience. Being down 100+ points on first stage in meltdown means nothing as long as your team is not trailing in levels a lot. It takes much more coordination from enemy team to do successful push on longer lanes and puts them in more danger while doing so, that this initial point advantage is so pointless.
BTW what’s the point playing if you just stay for matches where it’s easy win?

I think there should be some bigger penalty for people who vote to surrender, then leave the match because they didn’t get their vote.

Because, then, I (and my team) have to struggle and scrape to get that victory (or loss), and they can just queue into another game afterwards.

I don’t know what I want, but I want SOMETHING.

I said this in another thread but it applies here too.

Folks that spam surrender when a comeback is entirely possible are fools. - I’m being polite really I think they are idiots but, manners-

Granted it’s dependent on your team if your unlucky you’ll suffer the Deathmatch crew as many of us have. Game starts and they run out to feed the enemy, Thats a no win game sorry to say. They will either get frustrated that they are not winning by aggression and quit or spam the surrender then quit. Gonna happen, we just get to cope I suppose.

But seriously I’m gonna stand by that statement. Specially now that most of us should have enough matchmaking data to get good matches - 80% of mine of late have been amazing- crap games should be deminishing and our pairings should be at least regulating. In the past two days I have not been paired with anyone under lvl 20 for my teams. I’ve faced a few lvl 10 and unders but not been paired with them. so the ELO must be kicking in someplace.

Going back to what @Bladed_Baron said about player mentality. That is the crux here IMO. players are just being whiny toddlers about stupid things and surrendering. it’s geting either a downright troll or just unhealthy salt levels. It;s like if they are not crushing it, they throw a Montanna sized tantrum and either DC screwing their team or spam the surrender. Baron has a damn good point, as long as your teams not trailing too far in levels a simple playstyle change can switch things. But I think THATS the core isue. Players are so used to “twitch” shooters that they refuse to change their style of play and thought. The tried and true " Nope I’m a special snowflake so IT’S YOUR FAULT" mentality which really, is garbage. MOBA players I think understand that if a tactics not working, assess the problem and switch it up. there is nothing wrong with bringing up that helpful scoreboard and saying to yourself " Ok I’m just not working here, why is that?"

I do it all the time. If my teams lagging my first response is to bring that scorecard up and study it for a second. I look at our levels first, if that checks then I see about our minions and shards, then our death ratings. Thats all vital combat intel thats there to help players get a handle on the game. if your behind due to shards FARM. If your levels are lower maybe consider not taking team fights and focusing on some buildables and minion fights for a bit if possible. Solutions are readily available, Most just prefer it seems to not bother to alter their thought process and just throw in the towel.

I wish the tantrums would stop and maybe they will with ranked play - let the babies go there and whine or DC because they are not top tier- but it’s a community issue IMO and we either need to as a community doscourage hitting the button unless it’s impossible to win, or the game has just snowballed as many have stated above.

For the record My idea of snowballed?

Meltdown 100-350: Surrender it’s over 200 points .
Meltdown 200-260: KEEP FREAKING PLAYING. Thats one minion wave and your almost tied.

Incursion: >50% on your second sentry - < then 50% or two full sentries, and your OK to surrender thats fine, they have two healthy guys and your down quite a bit.
Incursion, both teams with sentries within a % points of each other. KEEP PLAYING. I stopped playing incursion because I did have teams that just threw in the towel after our sentry got like 2% damage done. It got sneezed on and everyone left. Stupid.

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It is really annoying in the last few days. Got this a hour ago two times in a row.

First Match

Second Match

I hear both sides. What burns me is that maybe 5 mins are left in an Incursion match. My team has lost a sentry and the other side is at 100%. It is obvious my team has no interest inwinning but refuses to surrender. With the game penalizing leaving a match it ends up I leave my guy in the spawn and leave to do there things until the team eventaully loses. This is not a good way to do but sometimes even a losing team can be jerks.