SURVEY - 'Live' Script/Shader Q&A - Group Event?

So recently I discovered - A site that is a sort of ‘twitch for programmers’.

It seems like we could use this to maybe demo some of the newer Mod stuff we’ve introduced, show certain techniques or even live-code solutions to specific issues people submit? In addition, as shader stuff is at this point really just coding, it might be handy to show people more about how all of that works… ?

I’m curious what any of you think. We’ve not attempted this before, so I think the choice to give it a shot depends entirely on the degree of interest, as well as what sorts of topics you’d want to see covered.

I myself haven’t signed up for the site yet, so that process may certainly complicate things. Worst case a twitch stream could be used. The question is, is it worth the effort to some of you?

So - stuff I want to know, just to be very clear :wink:

  • Times ranges you’d want to join others.
  • Topics you want to see covered.
  • Structure you’d most watch: free-form, pre-arranged schedule, whatever.

NOTE - We can’t help with other Mods directly, as much as that would be great (“what’s wrong with this code?!”) - it isn’t our property, and the content/subject of the Mod could be IP-related in ways we obviously wouldn’t want to be involved.


OOOH! This would be awesome! Smarter people than I could attend and benefit this time, lol.

Time ranges - weekends during the day or weekday evenings after 6pm CST

Topics - Shaders again of course, maybe ATI scripting (I see references to it all the time, no idea what it is), and new gamerule stuff like king of the hill/area control (I know there are community solutions for this, but they’re also from HW2C); going over the different MADSTATE hookups and parameters.

Structure - pre-arranged with the topics you guys want to cover, that way we can learn the most from y’all. to have it be somewhat community guided, we could perhaps submit ideas ahead of time (make a parallax shader, make a distortion shader, create a shader with a third team texture channel, create an area control gamerule, etc) and you could then pick ones that are completable in the shortest amount of time, and perhaps the most diverse in terms of utility, or touch upon the aspects of scripting/coding/etc that you want to go over.


For me it would have to be prerecorded tutorials, would be impossible to schedule and actually make it.

Primary topics would be:

single player missions/campaign framework

creating background hods with star maps

the new tags and props

custom ATI if we can pass variables from the ship scripts to it

custom game mode code especially since it looks like a lot of that will be handled differently and some of the silly SOB related stuff is going to be optimized away

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I’d be interested in this. Probably wouldn’t be able to watch live, but so long as the streams are archived to be watched in the future I’d definitely find them useful. I always learn more from watching a video of someone doing a thing than I do reading how it’s done.

Good idea, let’s try it.
If possible with visual (final) examples, whenever applicable or convenient.

If there’s a link now so we can take a look and understand more details about other presentations (non-HW related) …

I second this.

Ideally weekend I guess if they’re to be live.

This would be a good idea and help to foster good relations between the developers and the modding community overall. :smile:

I think it would be better to stream to a more native site that a lot of people are almost certainly going to be registered on, rather than a site that quite a lot of users may not be registered with and may feel pressured into signing up for little reason. YouTube has improved their streaming system massively so it’s actually a lot more than what it used to be (probably to prep for their YT Gaming site) and many will have a youtube account in some way to participate: Twitch is also a decent alternative (although it’s for gaming content only, going through code for games would probably be allowed).

I wouldn’t be able to contribute to this however. I have a terrible internet connection (1.6mbps download, 0.3mbps upload lol), but I can watch streams. It would be good to have a semi-free form stream: by that, you’d have a prearranged schedule of things to talk about, but after each section has been covered, you’d open up the discussion to the community and answer any questions about each section (say 5-10 mins). After the scheduled discussions have been done, you could have a 30 mins session at the end for any kind of questions the community have to ask the developers.

But it’s up to the developers and people running the stream ofc. :smile:

Interst level: high. It sounds worth a try at the least

Times: Pretty much whatever works for me.

Structure: No preference.

Topics: A couple come to mind!

  • A look at the details behind that patch note about build queues
  • That AO shader idea that was discussed in another thread
  • A demo on how to script netgame safe game logic. A player-clickable button that spawns a random ship for the player that clicks it would cover a lot of bases at once.

Edit: Oh yeah. If you get a number of viable topic ideas, maybe put up a poll a few days ahead of the event so people can vote on which ones they’d benefit from?

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I reckon any of the above would be educational for me!

Being in the AEST timezone would make it harder for attending US-centric activities but if they’re Friday afternoon/evening in the US they’re Saturday morning for me and quite doable

People do Dev Streams all the time on Twitch.

I just did one :smiley:

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Another topic that would be helpful is making sense out of the combination of attack scripts, weapon ranges and visual/sensor ranges.

I vote for an AI walkthrough :smiley:

Good to know. I don’t use Twitch at all (doesn’t work properly with my slow internet connection) so don’t know much, if anything, about how it operates or what people stream there, beyond the obvious.

Oh yes. Any exploration of how addcustomcode code works would be an appreciated topic too. And whatever service is used, it’d probably be a great help to archive the footage through any means available so people who can’t make the event or can’t watch streams can benefit.

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You can do programming streams on Twitch as long as the content has to do with gaming. Something like this would fit the TOS/ROC of Twitch, and I’ve watched Notch do it.

The Twitch category game developers use for programming streams is Game Development, so if you wanted it listed there you would have to set that in your dashboard.

If Gearbox is already partnered with Twitch, then that would definitely complicate things if you started streaming on a competitor.

Purely personal considerations/survey answers:

Interest: If you did this, I would watch it given I’m around to, but I would much prefer if it was on Twitch or YouTube. That way I don’t have to register on some other website just to post comments or keep track of when the stream goes live. It would also be nice to know what channel you’re using ahead of time.

Times: Doesn’t matter

Topics: Being a competent programmer myself, the things I find the most interesting are the things I know the least about. That would probably be shaders. In my experience with the classic Homeworlds, the thing I always found the most difficult to do in map-making is working with custom backgrounds. Don’t forget you can also do asset-related streams too.

Structure: Whatever

I’d uh, like to add to the request list for this event - basic AI scripting, and race ID sorting and use of race ID symbolic names.


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Seconded, this would help figure out this issue:

I would really like to see greater education toward what is involved in setting up campaign missions. I would like to see our community contributing even single mission scenarios, which might be the building blocks of future campaigns.