Surveys: choose your favorite faction and characters in each faction

Alright all, I keep seeing whose your favorite what’s it and thought it’d be great for some surveys
First up: Favorite Faction

  • Jennerit
  • Eldrid
  • LLC
  • Rogue
  • Peacekeepers

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Favorite Jennerit character:

  • Attikus
  • Deande
  • Ambra
  • Caldarius
  • Rath

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Favorite Eldrid character:

  • Thorn
  • Boldur
  • Kelvin
  • Miko
  • Mellka

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Favorite LLC character:

  • Kleese
  • El Dragón
  • Marquis
  • Phoebe
  • ISIC

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Favorite Rogue character:

  • Toby
  • Reyna
  • Shayne & Aurox
  • Whiskey Foxtrot
  • Orendi

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Favorite Peacekeeper character:

  • Ghalt
  • Galilea
  • Oscar Mike
  • Benedict
  • Montana

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Favorite Overall Character:
Polls are limited to 20 options so once I get some more numbers I’ll do the top 20

Any other category’s/contenders to suggest?


I wonder if the later announced characters are getting more love due to hype. I’m surprised at Kelvin on Eldrid, at least. Also, I know there’s only a few votes, but poor Ghalt :frowning: guy’s awesome, I almost voted for him over Benedict just to give him a vote.

How about best attacker/defender/supporter? Maybe there’s too many attackers and too few supporters for that.

I think there’s actually a really good split on roles, like attackers, tanks, defenders. I just don’t know how exactly to define each character to fit into those classes

I’d just say use the Battleborn website itself, it’s where I got the three distinctions from. On a related note, today I learnt that Papa Shotgun is considered an Attacker. Thought he was a Defender, with the crowd control, size and presumed beefyness. Guess I can’t call him my favourite Defender anymore :frowning:

They’re very broad in how they define them. Every character has multiple descriptions and very few descriptions are widely used. I have to agree though with your initial note, damn Kelvin is popular

That’s true. Actually, I was looking at Ambra on the Battleborn website and noticed that she’s still labelled as a supporter but it seems like she does nothing supportive in her base kit and you have to wait to level 2 now to potentially get your sunspots healing allies. Feels much like a mage style attacker with some support options now

Attackers- Phoebe, El Dragon, Rath, Caldarius, Deande, Mellka, Oscar Mike, Benedict, Whiskey Foxtrot, Orendi, Shayne & Aurox.

Defenders- ISIC, Marquis, Attikus, Kelvin, Thornn, Boldur, Montana, Trevor Ghalt, Galilea, Tobi.

Support-Ambra, Kleese, Miko, Reyna.

IMO of course. Any more than 3 categories and things seem to get too convoluted. Of course there are other ways they do their jobs…especially within Defenders for example i.e Boldur Tanking, Marquis Sniping and Ghalt Trapping, but in the end theyre all essentially controlling space.

Atleast thats how I interpret it.

I was actually using the role they’re given on the Battleborn website, which seems to list Attackers are the squishies that do damage (including Marquis), defenders are the tanks and supporters are, well, that. It’s not so much to do with whether they’re good at attacking or defending a point. Recently they added characteristics that define a character’s strengths, for example Marquis is an Attacker who’s characteristics are territorial, sniper and advanced.

Attackers - Marquis, Deande, Trevor Ghalt, Mellka, Benedict, Caldarius, Orendi, Oscar Mike, Phoebe, Rath, Thorn

Defenders - Attikus, Deande, Toby, ISIC, Boldur, Montana

Support - Ambra, Reyna, Miko

If I were to hazard a guess, I’d say that Whiskey is an Attacker, Kelvin is a Defender and Kleese is a Supporter. I would have pegged Shayne as an Attacker and El Dragón as a Defender because of their ability damage and cc, but I just double checked their videos and El Dragón has a health pool like Whiskey’s and pretty nasty damage output at times, while Shayne’s health pool was huge by comparison. It’s just odd because El Dragón has knockups, a stun, ways to slow or reduce an enemy’s damage output, but he only has 1000 health at level 1, like Whiskey did in his Let’s Play. Shayne has some pure damage moves, stealth , limited cc and her ult even depends on team cc in order to do something worthwhile in my opinion, yet her health pool in her Let’s Play starts off around 1700.

Maybe it’s something to do with El Dragón’s video being PvP, while Shayne’s was a 3-man story mission. Foxtrot’s was a 3-man story mission too, though.

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As far as Shaynes health pool I suspect this is a compromise to help keep her alive since when shields are gone because (based on that Lets Play commentary) Aurox is disabled until they begin recharge. I imagine this means she affects most skills during this time.

Shayne’s kit is all around odd to me. Doesn’t seem to agree with itself and that ult is underwhelming because of the radius of the AoE, even if you have team assistance in keeping the enemy in it, it’ll probably only catch 1-2 people.

Yeah but alot of people seem to be pretty excited about them because Gauge. I dont really have interest in the character but I think objectively…if nothing else she has a very versatile kit, all the way down to her basic ranged+melee spam skills. Whether it turns to be effective idk, but I imagine either way those things are still in flux.

Same, and when I watched the video I was hoping for the same voice actor :stuck_out_tongue: Gaige is my favourite character in Borderlands 2. Honestly can’t tell if it was the same person, but I did notice her voice come up in another game recently, Xenoblade Chronicles X. That was awesome!

Perhaps the title could be updated? I think more people would click if they knew it was a fav poll.

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Thanks for the advice

Voted. Thanks for the poll.

Thanks, I gotta say the results have surprised me so far. While the favorite Badass poll shows she’s not everyone’s favorite, I did not expect such overwhelming support for deande

I’m suprised too. I thought Rath & Reyna would be higher.