Surviveabillity as amara

I find myself very squishy on m3 even with a recharger shield, what are you guys using for sutviving? What are your builds? I find it hard to take off some dps stuff for the tankier things im not even sure they are any good

A lot of her skills in green tree may help. She is very hard to kill.

Can you show me an example of a build?
I want to see which stuff get left behind for the green tanky things

Depends on what your focus is. You also don’t have to go all the way down. I do and just get annoyed from the bouncing effect of badasses with rockets spamming me, but they never kill me. I could do halfway down and be almost as tanky.

Helping Hand(s) will give 40 dmg reduction for 15s after skill use.
Samsara will give you massive health regen, if you damage enemies with your action skill. Fist over matter is good for that, as it will hit many times, essentially giving you 5 stacks if you allow it to damage enemies. Other skills are not as reliable.
Sustainment will heal you for 20% of damage dealt with elemental weapons (elemental only).
Clarity will give good regen after skill use.
Ties that bind + Stillness of Mind will give you crowd control.
Transformer shield has 40% ammo absorption + 100% electricity immunity and can be replenished with splash shock damage. So just throw an exploding electricity tediore under your feet and your shields are full. Or shoot some strong electricity splash guns like Devils Foursum to heal your shields to full. Trevonator works fine aswell. But strong tediore shotgun will fill your shields to full.

Amara has plenty of tools in regards to survivability and sustainment.

I find her to be very tanky. That being said i use Breaker com more than any other. Even for elemental builds. Phazezerker is just not fun to me. Only elemental skills i really worry about are Anima and Tempest. I’m just too obsessed with Personal Space, Helping Hands, and Mindfullness. Fantastic skills

Use that for reference if you want to know if the skills you are talking about are worth it

I sometimes use a Recharger, but recently, I’ve been using Back Ham. Mindfulness is my favorite survivability skill, because it’s versatile (not so useful if your melee). You can run away or close the gap. Your shields come back quickly (even better with Recharger), so Topped Off is usually active, which means I can Phaseslam to proc that +300% weapon damage.