Surviving OP+4 Peak

It’s all turrets. IT’S ALL TURRETS. Why would Gearbox make a gauntlet which renders one of the character’s skills useless? I get “balanced for a full team” but to remove Maya’s action skill in single player is a bit dumb. No health regen, no fire rate buffs, no speed boost from the L. Siren to get behind cover, and most importantly, no Chain Reaction. Ruin can’t even slag the slag turrets, so there’s no debuff I can apply. I just came back to Maya from Zer0 and I gotta say I’m a little underwhelmed by this conditional Action Skill now…

First of all… What gear do you use, and what level are they? How does your build look? Use this link to show us!

The Peak isn’t supposed to be a walk in the park. It’s hard! Really hard in some areas. The turrets are a pain in the butt, and depending on which spawn you get, there will be more or less of them. Same thing goes for Surveyors. And they are far worse than the turrets. When I compare those, I’m always glad that I play as Maya, because against Surveyors, the PL shines.

Many of Maya’s skills are cancelled out against certain raid bosses since you can’t PL anything, but it’s still useful for slagging, healing and pulling enemies together. And raid bosses ARE enemies that are SUPPOSED to be fought as a team. The fact that you can take down most raid bosses alone doesn’t change that fact. And in a team… well… You know about that already!

Let us know about your gear and build, and the people here can give you a few pointers, if necessary.

I haven’t done any Peak runs since unlocking OP8 but IIRC Ruin should still apply both corrosive and shock damage, even to targets that can’t be PL or that shrug off slag . The main thing about turrets is to kill everything else first, depending on the area. You can first get them at the gate where you fight Scorch, the courtyard where you fight Bonehead 3.0, the Assassin’s arena, the second to last area before getting to OMGWTH and the last area before meeting OMGWTH. Kill anything that might attack/distract you while you target the turrets, use cover as much as possible and have a good SR on hand.

Ruin does slag turrets, and yeah they are a pain. Is there an area in which the turrets are hurting you? Assassins, Bonehead area, second area? I deal with them all differently.

In OP4 Peak they spawn in every area I’ve gotten to so far. The first enemy, the first area there are 5 turrets, a wave of skags and a SPR-TNK, and then two more turrets guarding the gate. The second area, where three or four spawn at the bottom of the hill, is more troublesome. Then there are even more in Dukino’s Mom’s area, etc. Saving and quitting does not alter these spawn configurations. Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated. The comment about ruin applying corrosive DoT is accurate, but the turrets are regenerating any damage dealt by PL in less than two seconds.

if your having issues, quit and reset. I noticed if you die and try it again I seem to keep getting the same spawn but on a save and quit I get a different one.

If you have one, a corrosive Pimpernel does a great job at destroying them, usually requiring one or two shots if you aim low. They’ll still be a problem on the Assassins’ arena, try to take the turrets out before them. And they can be slagged, even the slag turrets (though I may be wrong on this one). is my build. I’m running a Rough Rider, L. Siren, Explosive Relic, and various Maliwan grenades, including Corrosive Leech. My main DpS comes from an on-level Harold, and I have BoA relics in all flavors, along with a Heartbreaker (also on-level, but no opportunities to use it in this peak so far) If I get close to the turrets, I can really wreck them hard by taking a knee in front of them, but because they spawn in clusters, this is hardly a model I can sustain throughout the run. I’m debating farming a corrosive Lyuda, I think that in at least one of the areas the turrets would be right at the range where the bullets would split, but I’m wondering if there’s a different way. The corrosive Pimpernel sounds like a good idea, I didn’t even think of that.

I used to really like the Rough Rider and Fleet until taking on the OP levels. Maya has a lot of healing skills, but with no shield capacity and plenty of dangerous fire enemies in the peak like Reeth and Scorch, I recommend switching to another shield. I started using the really basic quick charging Tediore shields, and coupled with Ward, they actually do a way better job at protecting me than the Rough Rider’s extra health and damage resistance.

The RR is good for running fast to farm and you can use it to mob, but not digi peak. That is your first issue, you have limited survival. Your build is solid but if you are using the legendary siren com why spread out those points and not just get flicker which will help you slag and help you heal with lifetap?

I would drop the RR and grab either a defensive shield or a bee for at least certain parts of the peak.

Also if your main DPS gun is the DPUH why 5 points in minds eye? I doubt you are hitting many crits with it, I would max out Sweet Release instead.

If you’re playing solo, you could use the points in Res and Restoration on something else. I noticed a slightly odd thing about your build. You have points in Ward, even though you’re using the RR. If you decide to switch shields, I’d recommend you go 5/5 in Ward and also spec whatever you can in Inertia. It’s a really good skill. Especially if you use the Bee, which has a pretty long delay.

Also… Pimpernel is ALWAYS a good idea! Relying on the UKH alone will sooner or later give you an empty clip. If you decide to go farm for a Pimp, you could farm for a Sandhawk at the same time. I’m guessing you use the explosive relic along with UKH. A Sandhawk and/or a Pimp will allow you to use a BoA more, which leads to more PL. More PL means better crowd control and more slagging. And I think Assassin Oney is resistant to explosive damage. So, there’s another reason to use different guns.

Using a purple Tediore shield is a good idea. I swapped it to one of my other characters a while back, so I’ll gift it back to Maya. As for only using the Harold, it’s because I couldn’t find a high-dps corrosive weapon. I did score a Thunderball Fists from a LLM last night, I’ll use that with a BoA and see if the elemental bonuses help at all. And I should definitely change up my spec a bit, I haven’t even looked at it since last I played Maya (which was about five months ago, in co-op). I litterally just pasted the link that I bookmarked when I first made that build, at a time when I didn’t even have a rough rider shield. When I got that all I changed in my spec was put points from Inertia into LifeTap… Clearly didn’t think that through all the way. Ok I’ll see what I can do with these new ideas in mind

Never mind. It doesn’t take strategy or “better gear” or a full team. Just a Bee…

Don’t use the Bee as a crutch. The Peak DOES call for strategy and good gear. When your Bee goes down, and irt will, you’ll need a backup plan.

I highly recommend farming Knuckledragger for a Hornet (Corrosive) pistol. It is a high-dps Corrosive weapon. Being a Dahl weapon, it gets burst fire when you ADS. The only real downside is that it isn’t good in FFYL since you cannot ADS in FFYL. Knuckledragger is ridiculously easy to farm and kill. For most characters and builds, the Hornet (Corrosive) pistol is the best Corrosive pistol in the game. Whenever I help other players with DP, that is usually the only Corrosive weapon I use as Maya. One exception would be a Pimpernel (Corrosive) or White Death (Corrosive), which can deal with turrets better since Sniper Rifles have longer range. However, the Hornet (Corrosive) is very good at dealing with Loaders and perhaps more importantly those pesky Surveyors. As Maya, I recommend using a React Hornet (Corrosive) with a Dahl grip and a Jakobs, Torgue or Maliwan sight. IIRC, a React Hornet (Corrosive) with a Dahl grip has ~ 16 Fire Rate.

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My suggestion would be to go with this along with an Anarchist or Blockade for a shield, a L. Siren class mod and a corrosive White Death, Pimpernel or get a Hornet. All this should help with your surviving at the Peak…

I also farmed myself an on-level slag Rubi, then hopped over to Tina’s and nabbed a Chain Lightning. Now I can heal myself while around corners from turrets, which might prove useful.