Suspected Hacker

While I have never played against this man, I have played with him. I suspect him of cheating, aimbotting and I think potentially also has a wall hack.

Steam Profile:

The reason I suspect Dominus of cheating is because his scores in game are incredibly high. His games are often so one sided because of him that no one else on this team gets to experience any action (trust me, it has been very boring for me to be on his team). His damage is often through the roof and his kills are triple anyone else’s.

Now that just sounds like a godly good player if anything, right? But his admitted reason to why he’s so good is that all of his items in his loadout (blues) do crit damage and he is so good at aiming for the head as MONTANA AND OSCAR MIKE that he pwns everyone who comes his way. This game is full of characters bouncing, flying, and moving at ridiculous speeds where I cannot even conceive a thought of how a Montana can score only headshots or almost only headshots. Especially when there is footage all over the internet now a days of professional players in every competitive FPS unable to pull of this kind of miracle.

This is why I have a very hard time believing he is legit. Please at least do an investigation on him, if I am wrong, no harm, no foul, he’s just an insanely great player. If I am right, I am glad this game can have one less hacker and maybe my contribution saved some of the community the pain of dealing with a cheater.

Thank you for your time and I love your game.