Suuden loss of cash

I was finishing a new Siren play through on NV\HM, on the optional mission of collecting 5 skag tongues for Dukino. I finished off a second armored skag, when it suddenly deducted 40k in cash (from a total of 160k). Nothing else happened, the siren was still in play,with just the deduction being made. After a couple of thousand hours of this game, first time it’s happened (or noticed). As I was playing solo, with the rules of just using what i found *(and could buy at the vending machines) i was less than impressed.

Anyone else ever have this happen to them?

One type of the ‘rat’ enemy has the ability to steal money from the player, you get the stolen money to drop if you kill him quickly.

Wow, never knew they could take money off you. This game still surprises me…Thanks for the info

Yeah, and they take a lot if they catch you. If you kill them before they get away, they’ll drop what they stole from you, which will look like a dimmer version of regular cash, but when you grab it, it’s like a few million in cash (in UVHM anyway). I believe, unlike regular cash, it won’t auto grab as well (you have to manually pick it up like Eridium, which is another tell).

I think it’s just the “Rat Bastards” or some other type that can pick your pockets like this.

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Rat Thief/Rat Bastard/Despicable Rat Bastard - Unlike other Rats, Rat Thieves have almost no interest in fighting, instead, they are interested in pilfering a sizeable chunk of money from unsuspecting travelers. Rat Thieves move quickly, quietly and often from behind their targets. If a Rat Thief is successful in his attempt to steal money, he will quickly scamper off to bury his newfound treasure, like other Rats. If he successfully buries the money he has stolen, it will become unrecoverable. The money can be recovered if the Thief is killed before he buries the money.

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