Swamp Bro No Progress

The side mission “Swamp Bro” on Eden 6 is bugged for me. The killed grogs count is stuck at 1, and they’re not dropping any more guts. No amount of game restart has done anything

there are 3 areas i believe. one area only drop one.

Hm, nothing is marked on my map as to a specific area. Maybe that’s why

Figured it out. So if I was in floodmoor basin, the quest marker would not be there. But if I went to a different area, the quest marker would appear on the map. So I just had to leave floodmoor basin and remember where the marker was on the map


See I’m still stuck on this. 1st grog was in the Marsh with Bruh, 2nd was in Reliance, still can’t find the 3rd grog and when I watch tutorial videos there’s a whole other 2 things your supposed to follow Brad to and he’s completely MIA… So frustrated LoL

Swamp bro unresponsive after reviving him.


I’ve had this one, just fast travel to Sanctuary and then back to Reliance. Fixed it for me

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For me Swamp Bro is stuck on go to Lovers Leap and won’t go beyond that, ive reset the game and all

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