Swamped achievement did not unlock

Just spent yesterday collecting the last few locations. I finished up with the main area ehich was 13/15 i got the location by the waterfall and then the other location i was missing was the island you have to jump to with a vehicle. My friend only needed the waterfall one and he got the achievement right after so im not sure if there is something linking the achievement to that location? I did get the one for completing promethia when i finished that location.


Same issue for Swamped and the Pandora achievement as well.

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Just had a feiend be missing the same two. Had him get the one in the swamp for the car mission first and rhen got the waterfall one last and it poped for him so im not sure if the waterfall needs to be the last one or not but seems to be leaning that way

Unfortunately, that was the order I did mine in. My husband got his achievement for it though. I am stuck trying to find all of my Carnivora locations but only found 4 of them.


One of the typhon logs is a named location if that helps

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Thanks! I’ll check it out since I may have skipped it when another person in the party grabbed it.

Well I was missing that one as well as the circle of slaughter location hidden at Konrads location. So that one popped. Still hoping maybe doubling back over every location will pop it. I really dont want to have to do a full location run through a second time just to get the all locations achievement. Hope OP gets theirs too.

Just finally got to starting tvhm and it looks like the locations get"discovered" again so hopefully when i get ro eden 6 one of the locations will cause it to trigger. Its funny because i now have the one for all named locations but not eden 6. Also the eridian writings chevo seems broke too. I have 34/30 writings and nothing pops

Have you spammed the slab in Tannis’s office? It took quite a few times before mine popped. Tomorrow I’m going to redo Eden6 and finish my last side mission, which is also the slaughter star area. It is tough.

Has anyone had problems with the on fleek achievement unlocking? I’ve tried taking all my gear off and on. Hard resetting my xbox and even went as deleting and redownloading my profile. The only thing I can think of to do next is start as mother character and try again.

I have every chevo except the one for having them all. There is 40 eridian writings not 30.

Did you ever get this to pop? I went back very slowly and found though I showed all the areas in eden 6, I had missed shankland at the anvil! Now just missing the one that is glitched for all.

Do you have all eight weapon slots open-guns, grenades, artifact, shield and mod?

No i still do not have it. Could you give a screenshot possibly or arround where this is on the map? If its an area from a mission there is a good chance i did miss it somehow as the first play through i played with three friends. My entire map is blue though.

Yeah I had all legendaries then tried switching to all epic rarity. The next day the achievement popped as soon as my game started.

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This is the guide I used but also here is the specific location I missed. Like you all mine was blue. I know the last patch screwed things up so be careful playing until they get that fixed. I think you can lose your bank and it nerfed a bunch of stuff.

Went through every single locarion on my main character and nothing. Had to go back on my alt and got them all and made sure to get the waterfall last. Took 30 seconds after for the achievement finally unlocked.

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Damn, glad you got it though. I did moze run and almost redid the locations with her decided one last shot first and got it.

Did the same to me yesterday. Unlocked for my boyfriend whom I play my main with but not me.

Aslans stash was the location I needed on carnivora try that