Swap Ambra's LMB and RMB attacks?

Just curious to ask around, who here things that Ambra’s attacks would feel more fluid if the RMB melee attack were swapped to LMB, and the LMB life drain beam were swapped to RMB?

Both of the other healers work on the basis of LMB- Main attack, and RMB- Heal, and I feel like it would feel a bit nicer if it were to swap buttons. I know it would be confusing if it were to change, but that would be very quick to get used to.


IIRC it is possible to change that manually via Keybindings (PC) or the ingame controller setup (Consoles). :wink:

Well yeah, i could change my entire game keybindings for the one character if i really wanted, but that seems tedious =P

I just feel like it makes more sense the other way around, I was wondering how many other people feel the same. If most people feel like it should be swapped, maybe Gearbox could just swap it over

I remember it was like that back in CTT and it did feel a lot smoother. I get severe botherations when my main attack button is the alternate attack button for every other character.

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It’d just be nice to have everything be a bit more intuitive, so it feels easier to pick up any character and know the basic feel for them with LMB as the basic attack and RMB being the alternate attack