Swap Shop! Looking to trade!

Grenades -
Cloning Hex. (Cryo, Homes in on closest target.)
Mirv Hex. (Rad, homes in on closest target.)
Mirv Hex. (Cryo, Homes in on closest target.)
Rain Firestorm. (Impact.)
Singularity Firestorm (Impact.)
Hex. (Shock, Homes in on closest target.)
Quasar. (Shock, Shortly after impact.)
Storm Front. (Shock, Shortly after impact.)
Surge. (Radiation, Impact.)
Epicenter. (Impact.)
Firestorm. (Impact.)
Storm Front. (Shock, Impact.)
Tina’s Hippty Hopper. (Impact.)

Class Mods -

Shady Sonic Boom Infiltrator - 24% Mag/50% Torgue Acc/31% Heavy wep damage.
Scattered Zippy Cold warrior - 10% Hyerion Dmg/1666 shield cap/+5 grenade cap.

Flurrying Solitary Breaker - 31% Smg DMG/1487 health/15% Tediore Fire rate.
Entranced Cosmic Phasezerker - 18% DMG reduction/15% Tediore Fire rate/45% Dahl Crit.

Fortified Tenacious Bloodletter - 15% vladof fire rate/36% shield recharge/20% corrosive resist
Hazy Molly Rocketeer - 15% valdor fire rate/45% dahl crit/25% atlas reload.
Megaton Molly mind Sweeper - 13% fire rate/20% radiation resist/25% maliwan reload.
Themobaric Kiloton mind Sweeper - 31% action skill cooldown/10% tediore DMG/ 25% Jakobs reload.

Artifacts -
Knife Drain white elphant - Melee lifesteal 75%, Melee attaches bombs 30%. 12.67 Luck/40% Mag size/8% Movement speed.
Ice Breaker Deathless - +34% DMG Vs frozen +49% Frozen efficiency, +100% shield cap left with 1 Hp. 16% Smg DMG/-29% Shield Delay/+15% Cryo Damage

Anoited -
Nuclear Jericho DMG 1522 (On action skill end, splash dmg +125%)
Firesale Humongous long Musket ++ DMG 157 (On action skill end, Splash dmg +125%)
King’s Call DMG 930 (Fire) (On action skill end, Weapon Damage +100%)

Shields -
Brawler Ward. (13% Rad resist.) Anoited - On action skill end, regen 5% Health/sec for a short time.
Rough Rider. (13% Rad resist.)

Weapons -
Adapting Hellfire DMG 216x2 18 MAG.
Adapting Hellfire DMG 196X2 25 MAG.
Searing Hellfire DMG 257 19MAG.
Searing Hellfire DMG 246 25 MAG.
Double-Penetrating Occultist DMG 972
Dastardly Maggie DMG 215x6
Defrauding Butcher (Corrosive) 486x3
Redundant Butcher 425x6
Viral Butcher 607x3
Nuclear infinity DMG 270
Storming Infinity DMG 274
Queen’s Call (Radiation) DMG 976
Hostile Crossroad (Fire) DMG 288x4
Defrauding Crossroad (Corrosive) 362x4
Undermining Crossroad (Radiation) 294x4
Rowan’s call (Fire) DMG 692
Rowan’s call (Shock) DMG 658
Annexed Ferocious Lyuda (Fire) DMG 675x2
Binary sublime Cutsman (Fire) DMG 1866
Firesale long Musket ++ DMG 197
Lucian’s Call (Corrosive) 368 DMG
Itchy gratifying Laser-sploder (Radiation) 763 DMG
Double-Penetrating Gratifying Laser-sploder (Radiation) 534 DMG
Double-Penetrating Shredding Laser-sploder (Cryo) 550 DMG
Stimulating Gratifying Laswer-sploder (Shock) 814 DMG
Cash-Infused brainstormer (shock) 310x7
Deep Dive Face Puncher DMG 200x7
Casual Flakker DMG 1502x3
Flakker DMG 1498x3
Cocky Flakker DMG 1365x3
Annexed Jericho (Radiation) DMG 1522x2
Molten Vicious Lyuda (Fire) DMG 889
Vicious Lyuda DMG 1111

Looking for Interesting anoited weapons of listed weapons above, bloodletter class mod (Splash Damage, Splash radius, Weapon Damage.), Phasezerker class mod (Weapon Damage, Damage reduction.), Fire Butcher, deathless elemental projector and stuff with better rolls than what i have.

Interested in mirv hex cryo & dp shredding laser sploder cryo
Got some anointed guns…any specifics?

Mainly looking for any gun already on the list with any of these

On Action Skill End, The next 2 magazines will have 50% additional bonus >Element< damage.
On Action Skill End, Deal 125% more Weapon Damage to Badass, Named, and Boss enemies for a short time.
On Action Skill End, Weapon Damage is increased by 100% for a short time.
After using Phaseslam, Weapon Damage is increased by 300% for a short time
After using Phaseslam, Melee Damage is increased by 200% for a short time

I am also interested in the mirv hex cryo, what are you looking for?

bloodletter class mod, Phasezerker class mod, Fire crossroad and deathless artifacts with good rolls or any of the anoited perks listed above.

Interested in the Anointed Jericho. I have a Moze annointed Face Puncher and a couple others I could trade

Mirv hex cryo for that?

Interested in either of these?

Mostly siren stuff I have that’s annoited.

What else you got?

Not really interested in the lab.

Anything else?

got tons of legendaries we can party up and discuss just got to many to list
psn blade9110

have a death less cryo as well

image image image

What do you want for that raid ward shield

Cryo mirv tacular hex or annoited face puncher if you have it.

I have a deep dive face puncher and cloning hex rad