Sweet Loot! 15c

Finally got BL1 working on XB1. I brought over my lowest level save (Brick, lvl.10). Looted the red chest on the roof of the “bus station” and got an alert about unlocking Gearbox Badass Gear for all new characters. So I started a new one (Mordi) and behold! A level 3 green sniper and repeater. Sweet!

Anyone know if that’s a standard thing with the BL GOTY, or is that something they did for the XB1 compatability version of the game?

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I never had that happen on the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions.

It’s the pre-order bonus, which is unlocked automatically on the Bone.

This is kind of off topic but anyone that has been playing the original on the xbox one I was wondering how the game looks and runs compared to the older consoles…

It seems to run just fine. The game looks a little better to me, but we also upgraded the TV (from an old 4:3 CRT to a 16:9 LCD) at about the same time, so it may just be the screen! (It also doesn’t hurt that the art style in BL1 is not hyper-realistic.) Even if you have the original 360 disk, you get the digital download to the XB1 which is what you actually play.

Next time I update my one I’m prob gonna get it all set up so I can play the classic. Prob start a fresh character and rerun the entire thing. Thanks for the input.