Swiss cheese / Scrap Cannon reveal bug?

Is the reveal from Swiss cheese actually happening? I don’t see it for myself.
I play on xbox.
I don’t believe I’ve seen it since the last major patch that changed AOES.

The best way to test this would be; get into private lobby with one friend and shoot Pendles with it.

I’m pretty sure it only outlines

I can test it later today.
I don’t believe I’m seeing the outline that it typically applies anymore.

I will have to test it and catch a video of it.

It most definitely works. Played against a Pendles yesterday and revealed him multiple times with scrap cannon as he was trying to run away.

What system are you playing on?
And are you seeing the enemy player colored outline applied when using Swiss Cheese & scrap cannon?

I’m on PS4. I’m not certain if scrap outlines the target when hit, because i’ve made it a habit to target every players I engage whether they’re in everyones view or not.

Did on Shayne earlier. Worked on Pendles too.

So the damage upgrade is applying and several users says the stealth reveal is happening.
But the enemy outline or highlight that typically applies on an enemy revealing ability is not happening.

I can say that at least in PS4 it’s not working, doesn’t reveal nor gives the damage amp but only wounds the character, tried it a bunch of times and already reported to GBX about this.

No, the damage amp works for me. The visual for it is a bunch of blue arrows pointng down around the hit target. I’m on ps4, and it works fine.

I’m on Xbox one so my earlier input might not apply.