Switch focus to single player - Is it possible?

The game is dead on PC. Yes I’m salty from paying full retail price on this day 1.

We know this to be true at this point, just looking at steam connections on any given day is depressing. And unfortunately for people like myself who can’t play during NA prime-time hours it’s incredibly frustrating.

Is there a way the dev team could look at doing a significant increase in solo/co-op content to make the game more appealing for people who literally can’t find games? Would this be to much to ask?


In my opinion the currently upcoming DLC-Operations are exactly this for me. (I´m mostly a solo/coop PvE-player)
Next week launches the second DLC-operation (Toby´s Friendship Raid) and as I remember they´ll release all 5 DLCs until the end of the year.

EDIT: DLCs will release through winter, so I think some will come in winter/spring 2017.


They’re shifting to 3v3 focus but this is a team game and it’s not doing nearly as bad so I don’t see this as likely


At this time of day it’s not even cracking the top 100 games on steam, the lowest playerbase of which is 2500. So we can extrapolate from that there are fewer active played than that. Don’t fool yourself by saying the game isn’t doing badly.

In fact, just looking at steamcharts steamcharts you’ll see that in the last 24 hours there were at BEST 400 active players.

We need more co-op single player content at this point.

Oops, sorry, I meant to say it’s not doing nearly as bad on console. It’s bombing pretty hard on PC but just from the fact that characters like Ghalt has a way to zoom in establishes that it’s more of a PC game than OW, but I’m still surprised it did as bad as it did there.

Last update they said the last 3 DLC would all come in Winter (December 21st to March 20th??)

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Yeah, thats a good point. I don’t look at console numbers. In retrospect I should have waited out the initial hype and determined where to play it after the first month. Sadly this is the one game that has broken my will to pre-order games on any system/from any publisher.

Lol, that’s not a mistake on your part, but an impossibility. No numbers for console. We somewhat know XBone is doing the best, but even that is vaguely construed.

Performance issues.

Oh yeah forgot about those. Lost a lot of amd users

Nah, those issues aren’t strictly hardware-related. There were people with AMD setups who had no issues and people with Intel/nVidia who had them.

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Oh really? Huh, I didn’t know much about the situation but had always heard it was the amd cards. Welp, something new everyday

Yeah, that’s a common opinion. It’s easier to put a blame on something single, like AMD (or GBX for “ignoring” AMD), than to try and analyse what is really going on, especially when it’s not that obvious.

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All for focus on PvE, Solo or team.

Today BB hit a new low:

Players online 87

273 24h peak

I´m not sure that posting Steamnumbers is productive at this point. The numbers are low for months, we players know it and I´m sure the devs know it too.

Any ideas for single player/PvE content? A third option between missions & OPs maybe? Or simply more missions? (on the Arcfleet & Dedritus Ring hopefully, really want to see more different places.)
I play mostly Coop, so I´m no expert for the wishes of pure single players, so what would you guys want?

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…Agree and didn’t post that to be productive, just that it is honestly bumming me out day by day.
I have over 1,600 hours into PvE, when I post that it’s like sending out the Bat Signal.

I’m starting to think that PC gamers overall must be a very different crowd to console gamers, with different expectations and preferences. Is that possibly a thing? I mean, BB is a really fun game, and it’s got more in it than just a one-trick pony show.

So why does it seem to get massively ignored, especially on PC?

Is it simply because it doesn’t fit neatly into any predefined category of “this is an FPS, this is a MOBA, this is…” so few even bother to look? Or is it because there are more “F2P only” gamers on PC?

Genuinely curious about this.

Well… in the beginning many people complained about balance and performance issues. Then when that was fixed (or kinda fixed) they complained about too many people dropping from match which made it lopsided. After that, it was the matchmaking not fairly matching the players… after that they installed overwatch :-/

I may be wrong but I think the PC crowd don’t really give much chances because they can always move to other games and there are deals everywhere. However, once they see this game getting attention again they will jump back to check it out. Which I hope BB day can bring some people back

They and their endless f2p games and sales don’t grow attachments. Between that and the performance issues, it took a far different path, on into the darkness

PC is a little more complicated than X killed it.

The performance issues are a HUGE one.

Lack of competitive matchmaking is another big issue. Competitive playerbases are massive on PC, Twitch loves PC players, and people expected either ranked out of the gate or in the near future at launch.

Lack of proper matchmaking in general was another turn off, though that is not a PC specific issue.

Steam’s sales are also another factor. Steam hosts sales many times a year, not even considering other outlets like Humble Bundle or their smaller deals, so many PC players will hold out for more expensive titles. This means the initial reviews and the subsequent releases that followed BB had more time to sink in, and they did their toll.

I guess a lot of it has to do with PC players expecting more in general. Not to say console players have low standards, but dedicated PC players tend to be a very high standard group by comparison. It’s like my professor told me, PC gamers are the ones who want the very best, who don’t settle and willingly spend the money to get that. The same can be applied to our standards for games.