Switch FOV Slider for Borderlands 2

Hi all, not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I saw that the pre-sequel has a FOV slider on switch, but Borderlands 2 doesn’t. This makes it unplayable for me at the moment, as the default FOV feels like you’re playing in tunnel vision and is extremely uncomfortable to play, especially when enemies are up close.

If someone has a better way to contact the devs about this, please let me know!



I thought the Handsome Collection version of BL2 came with an FOV slider? What platform are you playing on?

Its the same on my end, there is a fov setting in the pre sequel but not in borderlands 2. The low fov is really harsh and I don’t see myself getting used to it.
The platform is Nintendo Switch.
I also noticed that there are no settings for voice chat volume and the controller settings display the A and B buttons reversed in Borderlands 2.

I had a quick poke around, and the XB1/PS4 versions of BL2 do indeed have the FOV slider.

My best guess at this point is that, due to the hardware on the Switch, they ported the PS3/360 versions of the games over (30 FPS versus 60 FPS amongst other graphical changes between the two versions).

If that is indeed the case, I’m not sure how realistic it would be to add the FOV slider to the Switch version. However, you can certainly make a feature request.

I’m not sure the original versions had that either. As for the A and B buttons, the console versions did have an option for customized controller settings - does the Switch version have that too, or is that also missing.

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I just found it strange that the pre sequel and borderlands 1 both have fov sliders on nintendo switch, while bl 2 does not.

You can customize controler settings but the A and B buttons are reversed. E.g. if you set A = jump and B = crouch, A will be crouch and B jump.
Also bl1 and tps both got day one patches while bl2 did not, could be just a coincidence though.

Voice chat volume settings are there in tps but not in bl2 (I dont know about bl1).

One thing I do know is that BL2 is a much bigger game than either BL1 or TPS. When they did the port to the PS Vita, it did not include all the content as it simply didn’t fit. There may have been similar restraints at work here. Unless one of the devs comments on it publicly, we’ll likely never know.

As far as day 1 patches - who knows? This is a rough time for many companies with employees all working from home. I also don’t know if Nintendo has a similar certification process to MS and PS, but that could also affect the ability to get things out the door right now.

I’ll ask about getting a specific section set up for Switch so requests/suggestions don’t get lost amongst everything else.


Yes please!

Thank you!

That is great, thank you for your replies and help! I’ve sent an email to customer support, and made a post on the 2k forums.

Agreed. BL1 on Switch is the remaster and therefore has the FOV slider, but 2 doesn’t and I don’t know if TPS does as I haven’t played that on Switch yet. That’s pretty much my only gripe with BL on the Switch, I just can’t stand default FOV after playing BL3/2/TPS/1 on PC.


I have played all the borderlands games on almost every port for them and I was really excited to get them all on the switch. However, I was quickly disappointed when I found out BL2 has no FOV slider while BL and TPS both do. All the other versions of the game I have played have had this feature and it makes a huge difference. On default FOV the game is almost unplayable for me at least. I expect many others to share my opinion on this and I hope they can get this added to the game soon.


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Hi, I have a problem connecting to an online game in borderlands 2 via EGS. We played with my friends for 20 hours, and then I stopped connecting. Writes “disconnected”, I can not connect to any game on the network. Is there an actual solution to the problems. What with the crack that no difference.

Borderlands 1 and the Pre-Sequel on Switch are currently at versions 1.01
Borderlands 2 is at version 1.00

Everything crossed that the .01 patches enabled the FOV slider on 1 and pre-sequel and Borderlands 2 patch is incoming!

FOV of 100 is a joy to play on handheld - PLEASE make a FOV slider an option for 2 for Switch!


It’s been a week since the last message, could someone tell us if there is a patch coming to add the FOV slider in Borderlands 2 for Switch ?



I’m patiently awaiting this feature to be added. I cant believe I originally played bl2 on default FOV lmao it’s so bad it’s crazy . Everyone should submit tickets to 2k support that might increase our chances


FOV slider addition really feels necessary~


Do you have any kind of news about this @VaultHunter101 ? Are they working on a patch ?

Thank you

Sorry, no - I don’t have any insight into what GBX are prioritizing internally.


Could you say more? Do you have any information? It would be awesome. :pensive: