Switched from Xbox to PC. Need help to transfer or powerlevel

Hi guys,

so I bought the game today again for PC now. I already had 2 characters on my XBone on OP8 witch all the loot I like… spent hundreds of hours farming and would like to transfer them somehow. If this is to complicated or just not possible, I’d like somebody whos still active, to powerlevel my new gunzerker and drop some loot =)

My steamname is “DEAQone”

If im not mistaken there is a way to convert it and i advice you to do so if you have 2 op8 charracter. :smile: i will add here if i found something

Edit: I just found something i will ad you on steam and help you when you are available i will explain it but something are prohibited to talk in forums.

Added you as JadenStone

that sounds cool!! thanks a lot