Switching Decks if Killing Spree is earned by opponent

Just like the title says… I think there would be an added complexity and saving grace to the player if they are allowed to switch a deck if the opponent gets a killing spree (5 kills in a row). This would allow the player (if they have a secondary deck) to come back if they are completely unmatched.

Edit: Killing spree is granted on 3 kills in a row, rampage is 5. I support the rampage switch. 3 kills might be too hectic, but that could be a thing as well.


I support this suggestion.

I was thinking something like that too. I think it would also be more interesting if you could select which of your 5 decks you load out with at the beginning of the match during the count down.

This is a pretty interesting suggestion. Not sure its the correct way to go, but I do think that there needs to be some way to “counter” your opponent. Like when your opponent tries to cheese with Turret + Vamp or something of that sort, I want to be able to use XCal or Vamp back to try and counter them. But with the way the game is laid out now its hard to do that. The mainly problem I see with your suggestion is being able to double up on things like bubble shield and having another vamp chance. But it wouldnt be that bad since you are always down that much I guess.

The “card game” element is just representative of skills and weapon equips at the moment, but I think anything that makes it more like a card game, especially if it encouraged strategic mid-match countering, would be pretty cool.

I like the idea of the deck switch, or at least a 1-card sideboard that can be swapped in, but I’d rather it be based on match time or combined kill count, so both players could sideboard, and guess at counter-strategies.

As an alternative, I’d love to see a fourth slot in each deck, a “trap card”, that only triggers under certain gameplay conditions. That way, players that are getting creamed by a high-rank player can have a comeback mechanic – such a card that gives +25 health to a player that has died five times, even if it’s not in a row. Conversely, there could be trap cards that give a tricky bonus after a killstreak, such as “On Rampage: Your secondary weapon card is disabled, but gain a charge on the linked ability card every 3 kills.” Sort of a passive Bit Blaster, I suppose.

I am reminded of NBA Jam’s mechanics – sure, you could be “on fire”, but there was also aggressive CPU assistance that would refuse to let you stay “on fire” with a point lead. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like something along these lines to be implemented. Maybe something chosen by you to where if you die ~3x in a row while waiting for a respawn, you choose which cards of theirs you ‘sabotage’. You could make it much harder for them to hit with weapons (decreased accuracy), or longer cooldowns and/or shorter duration on abilities. I can say after dying multiple times over and over, it is hard to not just quit early on when you’re behind so far. This would allow the scales to hopefully tip in your favor a bit so matches wouldn’t seem so lopsided.

If you are 3 kills in I figure you are already basically doomed. Most games I play don’t break 10 kills total.