Switching platforms for/during open beta?

Will there be any way to switch between platforms for the open test? Such as playing on the ps4 for the early release, then switching to x1/pc after they open the beta to all platforms? Also, would the ps4 exclusive penguin be account bound and transfer to other consoles if you played during the ps4 beta?

I think there will, or it might be the same as the CTT meaning you must re-register your platform to get the code…

If the account crosses platforms and characters are bound to the account rather than platform, this could essentially mean that anyone who has a PS4/has a friend with a PS4 can jump on their account there, get the free character/Toby (penguin), then pop back over to XBone or PC and enjoy the free character (post-launch for having ‘participated’ in Open Beta on PS4) and Toby (exclusive to PS4 during Open Beta).

While I wouldn’t be up in arms about this, it would make the whole Sony “exclusives” even sillier. I’m totally okay with that.

Thats what im hoping will happen. I wouldnt hate the idea of an exclusive char so much if it was for preordering, but this is a pretty big money grab attempt by sony just to get people to buy even more ps4’s.

As progression (rank, gear) is stored online, can you change platform but keep your progres when the game launches ?

Capture gameplay on the PC version while me and my GBX buddies are owning Meltdown Mode.
But continue to rank up my profile while i play with my brother and other buddies on Xbox One.

More than that, I think it’s just silly to expect that people would buy a console just to get one game and a free character on the platform.

Microsoft’s already given in and said that they are #2 this generation. They’re spending less money trying to outbid Sony for exclusive titles and content, and more money on the next gen console (with Windows 10 and cross-compatibility with PC titles).

Another thing to note is that Toby will not be the PS4 exclusive character.

" *Toby is the 16th playable hero out of the 25 heroes available at
launch. He is not the currently unannounced 26th playable hero available
after the game launches on May 3, 2016."

Honestly, I hope that this 26th hero is not account bound and somehow makes its way to the Xbox. It’s one thing for no one on the Xbox to get the hero, but having to play against it because someone migrated it would be worse.

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Hero26 is not platform exclusive, stated by Randy Pitchford

Oh wow. I thought it was exclusive to PS4 open beta participants. Now it seems that it’s just free for them and PC/Xbox players must unlock him via in-game accomplishments/credits or with real money.

As far as switching platforms for the free hero, I now think it would be possible. If it was exclusive content then the code for the hero would not be included in the Xbox build and couldn’t be accessed, but it’s not. The code does/will exist and the player should have access to it wherever they sign in from.