Switching to Console

For obvious reasons that we shouldn’t go into in this thread, I am thinking of getting BL3 on PS4.

I generally will play PS exclusives and everything else on the PC. I can’t really imagine trying to play an FPS on the console. So I am curious as to what that is like. Anyone here made that switch? Is there an aim assist with the gamepad? How much more difficult is it to play without a mouse. The baddies in BL2 move fast I imagine tracking them with a little stick is difficult.


The only issue I know my brother had when he played BL1 on PC was the game crashing or his PC freezing. I have played a few shooters on PC, but no need for an aim assist. It is very easy to play without a mouse

Maybe I didn’t word this well. I am going from PC to Console, not the other way around. Keyboard mouse is much better for FPS and I am curious how BL2 plays on the Consoles.

The Borderlands games play fine on console, although the controller will take some getting used to. (That said, you should see me trying to use kbm - not exactly smooth!)

The games do indeed have aim assist, which you can toggle. You can also adjust the look sensitivity, which can be helpful when first making the adjustment to a controller. I started with it turned down from default, but now I generally have it turned up (and adjust the FOV if I find it a bit quease-inducing.)

Current gen consoles basically run BL2 and TPS at 60 fps and 1080p (although you can get drops in heavy mobbing or co-op). If you’re used to running at higher rates, you’ll probably notice that at first. Hopefully immersion kicks in, though!

The forum communities on both XBox and PS are both friendly and helpful as well.


They make keyboard and mouse adapters for ps4 I beleive. I know they do for xbox.

XBox is supposed to now have kbm support for game built-in, but it’s up to individual game developers whether they enable it. It will be interesting to see if BL3 does that.

The idea of a getting a keyboard mouse for the PS4 is non-starter for me personally because of cost.

Good to know that BL2 about the aim assist. If I do get BL3 on PS4 I will certainly need that assist.

I just built a gaming PC for the first time a couple months ago. FPS on PC is a revelation…I’ve been a console guy my entire life. You will HATE playing an FPS on console, coming from a PC background. I only will use my PS4 for exclusives now. I will never go back to playing FPS games on console.


this. exactly this.

<Note: I play on both consoles and PC>
Game Assist is good on console, but not great.
It takes your aim point to the effective center of mass of the opponent. That means is does not take you (in almost all cases) to the critical hit spot. You scope in, then adjust to get a crit. Of course with mouse & keyboard you can go directly to the crit spot.
So critting is slightly easier with mouse and keyboard.
You may find that some button manipulations on a controller vs. k&m are easier, I do. Like when I want to sprint and jump at the same time, I generally do that easier with a controller.

Just remember the cardinal rule I describe for the differences between k&m and controller;
With a controller you commend turn left and you’ll get there. With mouse and keyboard you command go to this point and typically get there slightly faster.

I find both very playable, just might take a bit for you to tweak your sensitivities and set controller buttons to what you want.
I will give a big plus to aftermarket controllers that have back paddles (Xbox Elite, Scuf), back paddles are a definite plus over k&m.


I have played on PC, PS4, and Xbox 360… PS4 is by far my favorite because I enjoyed playing couch co-op and I can lounge on the couch… simple as that. PC is nice for more “professional” games… borderlands is my go-to co op game so best played in the living room with loud music.

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This is the primary reason I usually play on console. I like leaning back in my gaming chair with a cat on my lap and holding the controller in my hand, without having to sit at a desk and hunch over a keyboard and mouse.
I do play on my laptop when I’m traveling, and some things are better (aiming with a mouse is better), but at home console is more comfortable.


Oh, one more thing about aim assist on console-
You will be driven crazy sometimes when you scope in and aim assist picks the wrong enemy to target. You really have to be dead on your intended target in a mob to get AA to scope on the right one. I often have to do multiple scope-ins to get the enemy I need to kill first.

I think this is why some players swear by toggling aim assist off, although that’s mainly in competitive shooters. I’ve tried both, but not really given aim assist off a decent enough training period.

My main issue with controllers is even with sensitivity turned up as high as it goes it feels excessively sluggish compared to what I can do with a mouse. This is why I play most shooters on PC. The only reason I play Destiny 2 on PS4 is due to friends on that platform I had since D1. However with the whole Epic store exclusive at the moment for PC I’m giving serious consideration to buying it at launch on PS4 and playing it on my PS4 Pro until its made available on PC outside the EGS. I flat out will not buy it from the EGS period unless serious changes are made to the EGS before BL3 actually launches.

I just started more on PC, and i’m still using a controller. I have no problems at all and can play just as well in games like Division, Borderlands 2, Titanfall, Anthem, Star Wars Battlefront.

Watch the guys on Call of Duty, and you realise it’s just a different mind set. You’ll get used to it quick, and controllers are great for games like Borderlands anyway as it allows you quick and easy access to skills, nades, changing weapon etc.

The Handsome Collection on PS4 Pro looks and plays great, so i’d imagine that B3 will look even better now they are using the updated Unreal engine.

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I’ve played on both, and there are pros and cons of both. Couch play is wonderful, but I’m not as good with a controller as kbm.

Years ago I was a PC gamer that played almost only FPS. I quit gaming for quite some time and almost a year ago, on a whim, decided to buy a PS4.

At first I really hated the controller and searched for a way to use a mouse and keyboard with the PS4. Unfortunately most of what I found were not viable solutions. So I just dealt with it.

Eventually I became very comfortable with the controller, so much so that I might even still use it if I ever switch to PC for gaming.

One thing I did was, over time, gradually increased the joystick sensitivity. I also turned off aim-assist some time back as I felt it negatively impacted my aim.

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I made adjustments to using a controller for the destiny games on playstation systems. However it has never stopped feeling sluggish on aiming which may just be due to reaction time and my mouse sensitivity also being set extremely high. I’m also from a generation that did nearly everything manually before they upsurge of digital conveniences in numerous daily activities. I still prefer manual transmission in my car because auto feels unresponsive and drive it heel and toe. ABS and traction control also feel lackluster in what they try to accomplish VS manually managing my braking and throttle control in vehicles that do not have them. I do complex calculations with an abacus rather than a calculator. I do my artwork by hand with pencils, pens, paint, etc on paper or canvas rather than using digital tools. Well you get the idea.

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From a hardcore switcher

I hated shooter games until I got to know Borderlands 2, which was my first BL, and I started playing it on PC, at 60 frames per second. In 2015, I bought a PS4 and the Handsome Collection with it (had played all Borderlands games extensively at that point). To be honest, the switch wasn’t too bad as I just had to adjust the sensitivity and toggle the FOV a bit to increase my line of sight. By now I’m probably just as good on my PS4 as I am on PC.

There are however some things that could cause problems: The obvious one is the aim acceleration which some games just don’t have, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel being one of them as it is bugged to this day on consoles (on the PS4 at least, don’t know about the XBox). The second thing is that it takes a bit of time until you get used to the feeling of aiming with an analog stick, but that will probably not be too bad.

In general, Borderlands games control pretty good on consoles, but you need to be aware that the ever so slight delay a controller will have can be noticeable at first, but is no dealbreaker in a PvE game like Borderlands and you will get used to it eventually. I still would advise you to just try it out. Ask a friend to lend you any FPS or just for the Handsome Collection and see for yourself.